Fighting Good
Agility Typical
Strength Incredible
Endurance Unearthly
Reason Remarkable
Intuition Incredible
Psyche Amazing

Health 156
Karma 120
Resources Not Applicable
Popularity 0


Body Armor: Ozymandias’s entire body is made out of stone which gives him Remarkable Body Armor.
Precognition: Ozymandias has a limited form of precognition which allows him to etch people playing import roles in things to come into the rock. He sees images of the world but he doesn’t believe them because they are so much different then to world he has known those thousand years ago.
Senses: Although blind Ozymandias’s senses are so good he ‘sees’ with Incredible ability.
Animate Rock: Ozymandias can animate rock etchings which can have a maximum of Unearthly abilities and have 100 health.


Stone Carving




Ozymandias was a high-ranking official in the court of Rama Tut in ancient Egypt, using his power as an iron fist to keep the slaves in line. Later, however, the mutant En Sabah Nur, now Apocalypse, first appeared, and his hideous countenance immediatley branded him an outcast. En Sabah Nur and his guardian began a vocal rebellion among the slaves, which was quickly squelched by Ozymandias and his leuitenants. Although thought dead, En Sabah Nur got better, and ultimately returned more powerful, deposing Ozymandias and somehow transforming him and forcing him into the personal recorder of Apocalypse’s legacy. Over the eons, Ozymandias has done exactly that, chiseling into obelisks the events surrounding Apocalypse’s life. Although he doesn’t see many people, he breifly clashed with the X-men when they stumbled onto Ozymandias’ lair beneath New York.

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