Leland Owlsley

Fighting Good
Agility Remarkable
Strength Excellent
Endurance Remarkable
Reason Excellent
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Good

Health 90
Karma 50
Resources Excellent
Popularity -5


Gliding: Excellent air speed.


Glider Capes: specially designed capes provide In agility on flight.
Claws: Remarkable material claws do Excellent edged damage.
Leg Suports: Electrically powered braces enable him to walk (1 area per turn).
Owl Flier: a distinctive flying vehicle used to transport the Owl and his gang. Can carry upto 4000 pounds.
Control Speed Body Protection
Good Remarkable Excellent Good


The Owl’s legs are paralyzed.






“The Owl” was Owlsley’s nickname for some time, and this ruthless financier used many questionable business practices and underworld contacts in his business dealings. When an IRS audit brought these connections to light, the Owl dropped all pretense and wanted to start his own crime ring– and started by forming the Owl Gang out of his henchmen and aquiring a serum and a costume that granted him his powers. He was soon defeated by Daredevil. He clashes with Daredevil a couple times after that before lying low and moving to San Fransisco.

There, the Owl was given the assignment to kill Daredevil, but his failure ended up starting the love intrest between Black Widow and Daredevil. Owl then moved to Chicago. Here, he tried to use a brain-draining machine to sap others’ knowledge for himself, but was stopped by the Cat. The Owl moved back to San Fransico but clashed with Daredevil and the Widow again.

About this time, the Owl’s legs became paralyzed– presumably because of the serum that gave him his flight powers. The Owl moved back to New York and, using Man-Bull as an ally, tried to kidnap a scientist to help him with his problem. Daredevil clashed with the Owl again, and the Owl fell into the Hudson River due to the scientist’s sabotage, only to be rescued by his Owl Gang. The scientist was then forced to *really* help the Owl this time, and the Owl now wears a “neurological pacemaker” that allows his body to reconcile the chemical flight serum with him.

Most recently, after other clashes with heroes, the Owl tried to join forces with Doctor Octopus to become a crimelord more powerful than the Kingpin. Dr. Octopus didn’t agree, and faught the Owl both in public and at the Owl’s headquarters– beating him severly.

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