Fighting Remarkable
Agility Excellent
Strength Incredible
Endurance Amazing
Reason Good
Intuition Remarkable
Psyche Shift-Y

Health 140
Karma 240
Resources Good
Popularity -10


Invulnerabilities: Grom is Invulnerable to Heat, Cold, Energy, Electricity, Radiation, Toxins and Disease. He does not age and can still be affected by Stun, Slam and Kill results. He is only affected by a Kill result that would scatter his atoms over a wide area of space.
True Invulnerability: Amazing
Hallucinations: Remarkable ability to cast illusions directly into the mind.
Kinetic Bolt: Amazing
Regneration: Amazing
Telekinesis: Incredible
Immortality: Grom is very difficult to kill.


Remarkable knowldge of psionic powers and their effects




Grom, the greatest warrior of the Eternals of Eyung. As the planet Eyung was destroyed by the Gigantians, its scientists transferred the mental powers of all the billions of its inhabitants into Grom, who was then sealed in suspended animation, with this prophecy: “From beyond the stars shall come the Over-Mind– and he shall crush the universe.” The Over-Mind awoke in modern times, and has made various attempts to conquer the planet. At one point, the Stranger claimed to be the only survivor of the Gigantians, but this was a deception.

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