Fighting Excellent
Agility Good
Strength Monstrous
Endurance Amazing
Reason Poor
Intuition Typical
Psyche Feeble

Health 155
Karma 12
Resources Good
Popularity -20


Water Breathing or Air Breathing: Orka has a blowhole (on land) and gills (underwater).
Body Armor: Blubber provides Incredible protection from physical attacks and Remarkable from energy attacks.
Communicate with Whales: The unique quality of his whale sounds make his cries particularly compelling to whales. Orka makes a successful Reason FEAT roll, whales will obey him. For the purposes of communicating with whales, Orka’s Reason is Monstrous.
Hyper Swimming: Orka can swim at Remarakble speed
Resistance to Heat and Cold: Orka has Excellent resistance to hot and cold attacks.


Dehydration: Orka is in constant danger of dehydration. If not immersed in water or kept in a damp environment, he suffers a -1CS to FEATs for each hour without such water. If totally deprived of moisture, he loses one point of Health per hour. Immersion in water restores such lost Health immediately.
Orka is not very bright and is easliy manipulated by masterminds. Orka is subject to rages and bears murderous grudges against anyone who has defeated him. Thor and Namor top that list.






Orka was an Atlantean and grew to become one of the strongest (but relatively dim-witted) soldiers in Warlord Krang’s army. Orka stayed with Krang when he attempted to gain the throne from Prince Namor, and was exiled with his leader. Soon, Orka was chosen to be the test subject of Dr. Dorcas, who wanted to imbibe a soldier with the power of a killer whale. (At this point, Orka needed to wear a belt which transferred the power of Dorcas’ captive killer whales.) Namor defeated the rebels, and Orka was buried in an undersea avalanche.

Later, Orka managed to get free but was defeated by Namor again. The Brand Corporation (subsidiary of Roxxon Oil,) contacted Orka and augmented his abilities to not require a power-transferring machine. He was then sent on a mission that brought him in conflict with the Avengers, but was defeated by Thor.

Somehow, he managed to escape prison (he was seen in the Vault during the break-out called “Acts of Vengence,”) and found his way to the Altantic, where he was among Attuma’s henchmen when Attuma attacked the United States.

Later, Orka was among those villains recruited by the self- proclaimed Master of the World in his attempt to overthrow the United Nations, only to be captured by the new Heroes for Hire team. Presumably, Orka remains at large.

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