Omega Red

Omega Red

Fighting Remarkable
Agility Excellent
Strength Remarkable
Endurance Amazing
Reason Typical
Intuition Typical
Psyche Good

Health 130
Karma 22
Resources Good
Popularity 0


Death Factor: Omega Red can generate a “death field” of Amazing intensity around him which is channeled through his tentacles. Almost the reverse of Wolverine’s Healing factor, this field saps the life force of living creatures. Omega Red can suck the life force out of everyone in the same area as himself, and can use use this energy to regain lost health up to his maximum. To affect a target, Omega Red must first succeed at a power FEAT against the intensity of the victim’s Psyche. Each successful FEAT allows Omega Red to drain up to 50 points from each victim until he regains his normal maximum health. If the target’s health drops below zero as a result, the victim dies and his body disintegrates.
Lethal Pheromones: Omega Red can release a cloud of pheromones that causes people to feel ill and collapse. Anyone in the same area as Omega Red will be affected, and potential victims must succeed at an Excellent intensity Endurance FEAT or be rendered unconscious for 1d10 turns. Characters with sealed systems, or who do not breath are unaffected.
Body Armor: Omega Red has a specially designed suit that serves as Good rank Body Armor.
Tentacles: Omega Red’s suit is equipped with Carbonadium tentacles of Monstrous material strength. These give him +2 CS when attempting Grappling attacks, and adds +1 CS to Strength when determining Grappling damage.


Omega Red must continually feed on life force to survive. He looses 10 health points an per hour, which can only be restored by draining new Health from living victims. If his health drops to 0, he enters a death like comma and cannot be revived without the voluntary self sacrifice of a number of beings whose combined Health points total at least six times Omega Red’s original Health.


Bilingual: English and Russian.




Arkady’s history prior to his creation into Omega Red has yet to be revealed. His Omega Red identity was created years ago by a Soviet government agency– much like Canada’s “Weapon X” program. However, during his creation, the covert team known as Team X crashed the project base to steal a “Carbonadium synthesizer” device. Omega Red faught Team X, as the device was the only thing keeping his “death factor” in check. He was defeated, and without the device, Omega Red went into a death-like coma.

In recent years, Matsuo Tsurayaba (of the criminal agency, the Hand,) used mystic and scientific rites to revive Omega Red for his own lackey– and the sacrifice of life allowed his “death factor” to become manageable. Matsuo set Omega Red after Wolverine (and the C-synthesizer) which led him to defeat the X-men and taking them to Berlin, but was soon defeated by Maverick and Wolverine.

Omega Red seemed officially a member of the Upstarts, but never seemed to do much (as the rest of them.) Lately, he was seen independantly operating in the former Soviet Union, being defeated by the X-men again, and, most recently, being an agent of a Russian criminal syndicate lord named General Tsarov, who kept Omega Red and his “death factor” in line by threatening to kill him.

Later, Omega Red, on behalf of of his Russian traditionalists/Neo-communist “employers,” tried to kill a member of the Americomp Corporation, but ran into Daredevil who was secretly trying to protect the target. The Black Widow soon got involved and tried to kill the Omega Red, but only managed to make him flee. Omega Red remains at large.

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