Identity: Jean-Paul Beaubier

Fighting Excellent
Agility Incredible
Strength Good
Endurance Remarkable
Reason Typical
Intuition Typical
Psyche Good

Health 100
Karma 22
Resources Good
Popularity 10

True Flight: Northstar may fly at Shift-Z Speed. While in flight he has Good Body Armor.
Super-Speed: Monstrous, able to moves 3 areas a round. In addtion Northstar can perform the following:

Speed Offence: Multiple attacks with Shift-Z ability (Using his speed for Fighting rank)
Rapid attacks that inflict up to Incredible damage, ignoring Excellent body armor or less (only one roll is made to hit) to a target.
Speed Defence: One must make a Red FEAT to hit Northstar with anything other than an area or psychic attack. If he is making multiple attacks against the same target, the FEAT is reduced to Yellow.
Invisibility by moving extremely fast, Red intuition FEAT to notice

Light Generation: Normally only when in contact with his sister Aurora, Northstar is able to generate Monstrous intensity light. It seems he is now able to do it even without Aurora.

Costume: Monstrous resistance to air friction and tearing.


Skiing, Languages: French and English


Alpha Flight


As an infant Jean-Paul Beaubier’s parents were killed in a car crash, and he and his twin sister were separated. Adopted by a family named Martin, Jean-Paul led a rather lonely childhood. At some point he attempted to steal from a man named Raymonde Belmonde, who ended up taking the youngster under his wing. Belmonde helped the young Jean-Paul deal with his emerging super-human powers.

For a time, Beaubier left Belmonde’s company and journeyed to France. Following that, he joined a circus as an acrobat. Returning to Quebec, Jean-Paul became involved with a radical sect of Quebec Nationalists. Beaubier left the group when one of their bombs almost killed a busload of people.

Beaubier then turned his attention to skiing, a sport he had always loved. Using his powers he became a champion at both the amateur and professional levels. It was then that he was contacted by James MacDonald Hudson. Hudson had already met Jeanne-Marie Beaubier and discovered Jean-Paul through her. Fascinated by the revelation he had a sister, Jean-Paul joined Hudson’s Department H.

Jean-Paul did not rejoin Alpha after Hudson’s seeming death due to the fact that he had quarreled with his sister. However, he was forced to join Alpha at the Eye of the World due to a mystic summons from Talisman. He almost left again immediately, but Snowbird used her powers to force him to stay and help.

Beaubier stayed with Alpha for quite some time after that. His secret id was inadvertantly revealed to the world when he rescued a skier who had been accidentally mind-controlled by Kara Kilgrave. This prompted a backlash from the athletic community and Jean-Paul was stripped of his medals from his amateur career.

Northstar remained with Alpha Flight until a mysterious disease caused him to seek the mystic artifact called the Firefountain. This adventure led into the depths of Svartalfheim, realm of the Dark Elves of Nordic myth. There, Aurora seemingly sacrificed her powers to save her brother. Having been told by Loki that he and his sister were half-elves, Northstar vanished into a portal to the realm of the Ljosalfar, or Light Elves. Problem is, Loki is the God of Lies.

Northstar was trapped in Asgard due to that realm’s separation from Earth (the Rainbow Bridge had been smashed.) He was rescued when Talisman decided she needed all the help she could get in her battle with the Sorcerer. So she sent Persuasion, Laura Dean, Goblyn and Aurora to Asgard to get him.

Not long after Alpha Flight once again accepted government funding from Department H Beaubier adopted an AIDS-infected baby girl he found abandoned in a dumpster. The girl died shortly thereafter. Immediately following her death Beaubier called a press conference at which he announced he was a homosexual. The baby’s death, along with one “Major Maple Leaf,” had convinced Beaubier of the need to step forward as a positive gay role-model.

Northstar then remained with Alpha Flight until the team was suspended while an investigation into the Joshua Lord matter took place. Jean-Paul then quit the team, but returned to it out of concern for his sister. Shortly after Alpha Flight was once again disbanded by the government, and Jean-Paul disappeared from public view. He recently appeared crashing out of the sky into a fishing boat off the coast of New Brunswick. Northstar has stated that he was trying to break free of Earth’s gravity at the time. Why he was attempting that is a mystery, especially since none of Jean-Paul’s abilities would allow him to survive in space. As yet Northstar is unaware that Alpha Flight has reformed.

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