Nimrod Ultimate Sentinel

Fighting Remarkable
Agility Excellent
Strength Unearthly
Endurance Shift-X
Reason Remarkable
Intuition Monstrous
Psyche Good

Health 300
Karma 115
Resources Poor
Popularity 25


Body Armor: Nimrod’s outer layer is composed of Amazing material, providing Amazing protection vs. physical and energy attacks. His robotic construction gives him immunity to all psionic and emotional attacks.
Disintegrator Beam: Nimrod can fire a beam of energy that can causes Monstrous energy damage. On a red FEAT, the target is completely distintegrated (i.e, instantly dead). Targets of Monstrous or greater material are unaffected. The disintegrator beam cannot affect force fields. It has a range of 3 areas.
Energy Beams: Nimrod can fire a variety of force and energy beams (Plasma, Electrical, Heat, Radiation, Light, Magnetic) from its eyes, hands and chest capable of inflicting Monstrous force, energy, or blunt attack damage, at a range of 7 areas.
Tractor/Pressor Beam: Nimrod can fire tractor/pressor beams which exert Monstrous strength up to 5 areas distant. These beams are used to pull or push an opponent, or hold an opponent or object in place. Note that these beams cannot cause any damage by itself. A strength FEAT roll is required to break free of the beam’s power.
Synapse Disrupter: Nimrod can fire an Unearthly intensity beam of pulsed electromagnetic energy that interferes with the flow of neurons in most organic beings. Anyone struck by the disrupter must make a Psyche FEAT roll against the intensity of the synapse disrupter. Failure means the target is stunned for 10 turns. The synapse disrupter is unaffected by body armor but cannot penetrate force fields. It does not affect inorganic beings. It has a range of 3 areas.
Sonic Beam: Nimrod can fire a beam of high pitched, high frequency sound that has upto Monstrous intensity and a range of 3 areas. This beam is extremely painful to most living beings. Anyone struck by the beam must make an Endurance FEAT roll. A White result means the character is stunned for 1-10 turns; a Green result means Fighting, Agility and Intuition FEATs are at -3 CS; a Yellow result means Fighting, Agility, and Intuition FEATs are at -2CS; and a Red result means Fighting, Agility and Intuition FEATs are at -1 CS. Characters whose Endurance is equal to the current intensity of the beam treat White results as Green; characters whose Endurance is higher than the current intensity of the beam treat White and Green results as Yellow. The sonic beam has no effect on opponents who are deaf. Conversely, characters who are hyper-sensitive to sound (e.g., Daredevil, Wolverine, the Black Panther, etc.,) suffer a -1 or -2CS on their Endurance FEAT rolls. The sonic beam may be used in conjunction with the synapse dislocuter with no penalty to Nimrod. It is unaffected by body armor or force fields.
Force Field: Nimrod can encase himself in a force field of Unearthly intensity. He cannot attack while the force field is engaged.
Shockweb: Nimrod can create an invisible energy web roughly one area in diameter. Anyone touching the web must make an Endurance FEAT roll against Incredible intensity stunning effect. Failure means the person is stunned for 1-10 turns. The web is an Amazing material and is unaffected by gravity and can be created anywhere within 3 areas of Nimrod. Once created, the web lasts until Nimrod moves more than 3 areas away from it, he disengages it, or is rendered unconscious. The shockweb can be safely bypassed by objects or being six inches or smaller. The web is often use to capture flying opponents and prevent opponents from escaping
Flight: Nimrod can fly at up to Incredible air speed.
Sensors: Nimrod can scan all living beings within 100 miles and determine if they are mutants or humans. He can sense the physical condition of all living beings within 100 miles (in game terms, he can determine their current Health level). He can also estimate the time it will take for any being to recover from an attack he caused (in game terms, he can determine how long an opponent has been stunned, etc.). Nimrod can also use infravision and enhanced hearing, with Amazing ability, but does not suffer extra damage from sensory attacks. Nimrod is also equipped with radar, sonar, sonic, thermal, X-ray, infra-red, ultraviolet, magnetic resonance and radiation detection units. Each has a range of 300 miles and functions with Monstrous ability. While his sensors are active, Nimrod cannot be blindsided. If the sensors are inactive or disabled, Nimrod’s Intution is reduced to Excellent. This does not affect his Karma.
Superhuman Being Index: Nimrod has an internal database of most terrestrial superhuman beings from his alternate timeline (as well as those he has encountered in the mainstream timeline), particularly mutants. All mutants known, living or dead, in the 21st century are in this database. As such, Nimrod is highly likely to be fully aware of the powers, abilities, talents, etc. of any superhumanly powerful being he may encounter, and will have devised appropriate attack and defense modes for each such being (see Learning Program, below). On occasion, Nimrod’s database will be in error due to differences between his alternate timeline and the mainstream (5% chance).
Learning Program: Nimrod has a special learning program built into his internal computers which gives him a +1CS to hit after 2 rounds of studying an opponent in combat. Nimrod can also generate and develop specialized weapons and defenses from his own body to counter specific powers, but this takes time (usually about 24 hours). Generally speaking, no power stunt will work against Nimrod in more than one encounter (as long as sufficient time has passed between encounters for Nimrod to prepare a special attack or defense).
Self-repair: Nimrod regenerates 10 points of damage per turn unless he is totally distintegrated. Repairing massive damage (reattaching a severed limb or reconstituting his body for example) reduces all powers by -2CS for 10 turns.
Shapechange: Nimrod can change his physiognomy to appear human. He is vulnerable in this form and does not have any of his powers, although his Health and Karma are unaffected. He can transform into combat mode instantaneously.
Teleportation: Nimrod will teleport away when any encounter turns against him. He can transport himself upto 1 mile away. The process takes 1 turn, and reduces all of his powers by -2CS for 1 turn.





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