Fighting Unearthly
Agility Class 1000
Strength Class 1000
Endurance Class 1000
Reason Unearthly
Intuition Unearthly
Psyche Class 1000

Health 3100
Karma Not Applicable
Resources Not Applicable
Popularity Not Applicable


Immortality: He can never be truly killed until all dreaming beings have died.
Apparition: Class 1000 magical ability of phasing.
Astral Theft: Class 1000 control over the soul’s of sleepers.
Image projection: Class 1000 visions.
Scrying: various scrying spells of Monstrous effectiveness.
Force Field vs. Magic: Monstrous
Bands: Monstrous strength.
Eldritch Attack: Monstrous blasts of pure magical force.
Illusion Casting: Class 1000
Reality Alteration: As the ruler of the Dream Dimension, Nightmare has the Class 1000 ability to spontaneously reshape any aspect of it.
Other Spells: All at Monstrous rank.


Nightmare’s Wand: +1CS to Agility when resolving magical atacks. He can also create a Class 1000 “maze of confinement”.
Steed: Nightmare rides a black demonic unicorm with the following powers and abilities:
Fighting Excellent
Agility Excellent
Strength Remarkable
Endurance Excellent
Reason Poor
Intuition Feeble
Psyche Poor

Health 90
Karma 10

Apparition: Monstrous
Dimension Travel: Monstrous
Flight: Monstrous


Nightmare is only tangible to sleepers. He is intangible and powerless when facing conscious beings. He can be harmed by the “Eye of Agomotto”.


Mystic Background, Occult Lore




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