Identity: Kurt Wagner

Fighting Remarkable
Agility Amazing
Strength Good
Endurance Remarkable
Reason Good
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Excellent

Health 120
Karma 50
Resources Good
Popularity 5

Teleportation: Amazing ability to teleport up to 3 miles. This produces a loud “BAMF” and the smell of sulfur. Nightcrawler can perform the following power stunts:

Exceed normal range by 2 miles. He must make a Endurance FEAT or be confused for 1-10 rounds.
Teleport 1 or 2 passengers. Passengers must make an Endurance FEAT or be knocked out for 1-10 rounds.
Teleport part of an object (usually non-organic), causing Amazing damage on the object (and a possible kill result).
When attempting to hit Nightcrawler the attacker must have initiative or succeed in a Monstrous Intuition FEAT, otherwise Nightcrawler will have teleported away.
By making a Yellow Endurance FEAT, Kurt can multi-port making up to 10 attacks in 1 round. His fighting should be treated as Amazing for purposes of hitting a target.
Kurt can also use his multiport power as a low level stun attack of at least Remarkable. Victims are stunned for 1-10 turns.
Kurt has the Power Gestalt ability with the Vanisher. When Teleporting/Vanishing in the same area at the same time they can simulate the Dimension Travel power at Excellent rank.

Prehensile Tail: Use as additional arm, an extra attack with Good fighting.
Wall-Crawling: Amazing. 3 areas per turn. He cannot adhere to frictionless or slippery surfaces


Leadership, First Aid, Electronics, Mechanical Repair, Piloting, Martial Arts B, Tumbling, Acrobatics, Weapon Specialist: Sword


X-Men, X-Treme Sanctions Executive, Excalibur


Kurt Wagner was born a mutant, blue furred, yellow eyed, and fanged. He was found, abandoned as a babe, by a woman named Margali Szardos, who took him in and raised him as her own child. He grew up in the circus, part of the trapeze act as his incredible agility made him one of the best for the job, and fell in love with Margali’s daughter, Amanda Sefton. It was also here at the circus, that he took on the name of Nightcrawler, his stage name. At some point, Kurt left the circus, and it was in Germany that Professor Xavier found him, about to be beaten to death by an angry mob who thought he was a demon. Proffesor X saved him that night, offering him a chance to help the world by becoming part of his new team of X-Men. Kurt agreed, and went off on a mission to rescue the original X-Men along with Storm, Wolverine, Colossus, Banshee, Sunfire and Thunderbird. After they succeeded, Kurt decided to stay as part of the new team.

A swashbuckling comedian at heart, Kurt became fast friends with the rest of the team, his personality bolstered the spirit of his teammates, and he developed a particularly tight bond with Wolverine and Kitty. Still, his appearance remained an obstacle, terrifying most humans on sight, and so, an image inducer was developed for him so that he could appear as a normal human while in public. Though he loathed the fact that people could not accept his appearance, accept him, as he was, he still uses it today to avoid conflict. Kurt saw many things while he was part of the X-Men, the least of which was not the Beyonder, a God-like being that shook Kurt’s very faith in his own God. It took him some time, and the wisdom of his teammates to reconcile with his faith, but eventually he did. He also met an evil mutant named Mystique, who resembled him almost exactly in appearance. Wondering if they might be related, he asked her how they could resemble each other so much. She gave him no answer though, and he was left wondering for several years. Brave and noble, Kurt fought many battles alongside the X-Men; his friends and family, and he might have remained with them always, if not for fate.

During what would become known as the Mutant Massacre, Kurt was gravely injured by the Marauder known as Riptide. Caught in the hurricane force winds the mutant created, Kurt was nearly sliced to pieces by the projectiles released within the gale. He spent some time in a coma, and the X-Men feared for his very life. But with time, Kurt recovered, and reawoke only to find that the X-Men had died during the Fall of the Mutants. Having no way of knowing that his friends had been returned to life by the Goddess Roma, Kurt remained on Muir Isle with Kitty (Shadowcat) during the remainder of his recovery. His teleportation power was just beginning to return when he joined up with Shadowcat, Phoenix II, Captain Britain and Meggan to form the Britain based team, Excalibur.

Captain Britain led the team in name, but it was Nightcrawler who led, in truth, and eventually, he taught the headstrong hero how a leader should conduct himself. Some time later, the X-Men returned to public view, and Kurt reunited with his old family, albeit for a brief visit. He had come to feel that his place was now with Excalibur, and did not return to the team. Shortly following, Kurt received a call from Forge, instructing him to come back to America on a matter of utmost importance. He met up with Rogue, and soon found himself pulled into a chain of events which led to the discovery of his origin. Mystique had given birth to him, but much as the angry mob had chased Kurt for his appearance, they now chased the mother and her newborn child. Throwing him over the falls in order to save her own life, Mystique left him to die. But being a mutant, Kurt survived the fall and was found by Margali Szardos. With this revelation also came the realization that the mutant-hater, Graydon Creed, was his half-brother, and Rogue, having been raised by Mystique, his foster sister. Kurt returned to Excalibur to reconcile with this new information, and had it out with his foster mother, Margali, angry that she had never told him the truth of his birth mother. But Kurt had little time to dwell on these things, as Excalibur found itself being drawn into battle after battle.

With the disappearance of Captain Britain, Nightcrawler found himself again the leader of the team, in name as well as truth. When the Captain finally returned and wed Meggan, and Excalibur disbanded, Nightcrawler decided to return home to his original team, the X-Men. Now back with his old friends, he fights for the Professors dream as he ever has.

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