Night Thrasher

Night Thrasher
Identity: Dwayne Taylor

Fighting Remarkable
Agility Amazing
Strength Good
Endurance Remarkable
Reason Excellent
Intuition Good
Psyche Incredible

Health 110
Karma 60
Resources Incredible
Popularity 3

Mental Barrier: He has for some reason shown an Unearthly rank resistance to Telepathy and Mental Probes.

Armor: His armor grants him Good protection from physical attacks and Excellent protection from heat or fire. It also has the following features.

Hydraulics: Good leaping, run 3 areas/ turn, and +1CS to strength (max of Excellent)
Pepper Spray: Victim makes Endurance FEAT or spend 1-10 turns blind and choking at -2CS to all feats. Fires from right wrist.
3 Plastic Packs: Remarkable rank explosion in 1 area.
3 Napalm Gel Packs: Incredible rank energy damage 1 area, Gd fire burns until put out.
3 Cordite Packs: Excellent explosive damage.
Magnesium Flare: Remarkable intensity light. Burns about 1 hour.
Smoke Pellets: Good intensity smoke screen, 1 area.
Spur Jacks: Typical puncture ability used to puncture normal tires.
Incendiary Caps: Good fire creation.
Ball Bearings: Victim must make an agility FEAT or fall.
Spring Blade: Does Good rank edged damage.
Adamantium Garrote: From his left wrist. Usable as normal, but on a red FEAT it can strangle a victim. The victim is permitted an Endurance feat each turn to avoid unconsciousness for 1-10 turns. The victim will die 10 turns after unconsciousness if not released. Does Typical rank edged damage, and can cut through armor less than Monstrous rank.

Helmet: The helmet also has many functions as shown below.

Voice Scrambler: Remarkable ability.
Telescopic Vision: Excellent range
Rebreather: 5 minutes of air.
Infra-Vision: Good ability vision in darkness.
Camera/ Filmpack: Unearthly recording ability for 5 min.
Enhanced Hearing: Excellent intensity.

Backpack: Has the following features:

Escrima: Has 2 detachable Escrima sticks for Remarkable blunt damage.
Pistol: Hidden Uzi causing Excellent damage to up to 3 adjacent targets.
Skateboard: Locked on the Backpack assembly or on the right fore arm. It has Good material strength and can be used as a Gd shield. It has a spring loaded blade hidden in the front that can do Excellent edged damage. He has Good speed possible with good control and good Body while on the board.


Guns, Martial Arts A B E, Acrobatics, Tumbling, Business, Criminology, Detective, Computers, Electronics, Leadership, Heir to a Fortune


New Warriors, Business contacts, Street informants


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