Napalm (Deceased)

Identity: Dr. Harold Dunnam
Origin: Altered Human
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Status: Deceased

  • Fighting: Good 8
  • Agility: Good 8
  • Strength: Typical 5
  • Endurance: Amazing 46
  • Reason: Incredible 36
  • Intuition: Remarkable 26
  • Psyche: Incredible 36

Health: 67
Karma: 98
Resources: Typical 5
Popularity: -50
Initiative: +2

Powers: 3/3

  • Resistance to Fire and Heat, Rank: Monstrous 75
  • Limitation: Although he resists Fire and Heat, his body is charred and smells of burnt flesh.
  • Fire Generation, Rank: Monstrous 75
    • Stunts:
      • Breath of Fire: Shoots a sustainable stream of magma from his mouth. It fires in a cone that can hit all within the affected areas.
      • Magma Lake: Can fill an area with five pools of lava. The pools remain for up to 5 rounds. Anyone slammed near the affected area must roll an Incredible agility feat to not land in them.
      • Heat Aura: A non visible heat aura surrounds Napalm it does Incredible heat damage 36, this can be raised to MN Rank with a power feat.
  • Life Support, Rank: Monstrous 75

Talents: 2/2

  • Mesmerism and Hypnosis
  • Psychiatry


  • Full Body 9-ply kevlar backed by Type C Beta Cloth with composite ceramic impact plates provides Remarkable protection from physical attacks.
  • Napalm’s helmet: Unique equipment. Napalm has no vocal chords, his mask allows him to subvocalize and communicate with his teammates. Also allows him Rank: Incredible 36 protection from toxins.


Known Affiliations: Memeber of The Killer Four
Occupation: Mercenary, Psychiatrist.

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