Namorita Prentiss

Fighting Excellent
Agility Remarkable
Strength Incredible
Endurance Excellent
Reason Typical
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Excellent

Health 110
Karma 46
Resources Excellent
Popularity 10

Water-Breathing: Namorita can breathe water as well as air.
Body Resistance: Namorita’s skin provides her with Good protection from physical and energy damage.
Resistance to Cold: Namorita, like others of the Atlantean race, has Excellent resistance to cold.
Hyper-Swimming: Namorita can swim at Typical water speed.
Flight: Like her cousin Namor, Namorita can fly at Poor air speed.

Dehydration: Namorita is in constant danger of dehydration. If not immersed in water or kept in a damp environment, she suffers a -1 CS to FEATs for each hour without such water. If totally deprived of moisture, she loses one point of Health per hour. Immersion in water restores such lost Health immediately.


Oceanography, Ocean Geography, Student


Namor, Atlantis, New Warriors


Namorita once thought herself the daughter of Prince Namor’s sister Namora and a human father. Much later, she learned that she was a clone of Namora implanted in Namora’s own body, who, in a way, gave birth to “herself.” The family relocated to Lemuria when their city was destroyed by a nuclear weapons test of the surface dwellers. Namorita was raised most of her life in the undersea city of Lemuria.

Eventually, the evil Princess Llyra took over the throne and, with the exiled Prince Byrrah, used Namorita in a plot against Namor. Namorita was threatened with having her “mother’s” body destroyed or lead Namor into a trap. Namorita agreed, but Namor escaped and freed Namorita from Lemuria, giving her to a human friend Betty Dean Prentiss. Here, Namorita led a relatively normal life of an American teenager before the criminal Dr. Dorcas killed Betty Dean just as Namorita was beginning college, and Namorita took the name of her guardian in tribute. While in college, she briefly became a follower of the extra-terrestrial Aquarian and his enviornmental-friendly messages.

Some time later, she faught the Juggernaut alongside other young heroes, and agreed to join Night Thrasher’s budding team called the New Warriors. She adventured with them for a while, even leading them for a time when the Thrasher left. During this time, Namorita supported her cousin Namor’s recently-founded company, Oracle, Inc., and accompained him on adventures as well. One disasterous mission with the Warriors to the nation of Trans Sabal had Namorita arrested as a political terrorist, and she left the team briefly.

On a later adventure with her cousin, Namorita discovered her true origin as a clone of her mother, just as her clone metabolism began to degenerate. When stabillized, she became the blue, luminous-eyed Kymeara. She then returned with the New Warriors.

Over the course of her tenure with the Warriors, Namorita developed a relationship with fellow Warrior, Nova, but her transformation to Kymeara caused a strain on their relationship. Eventually, Namorita’s blue skin began to shed, during which time Narmorita also underwent severe depression. At this time, Nova severed their romatic relationship.

Soon, however, Namorita found herself back to her former appearance, even exhibiting new powers as her cloned body continued to mutate, and she continues to fight alongside the Warriors while attending college.

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