Fighting Unearthly
Agility Monstrous
Strength Unearthly
Endurance Unearthly
Reason Good
Intuition Amazing
Psyche Incredible

Health 375
Karma 100
Resources Unearthly
Popularity -50


Invulnerability: Class 1000 resistance to Fire, Heat, Cold, Radiation, Toxins, Disease and Aging
True Invulnerability: Unearthly
Power Cosmic: Morg has the ability to channel and manipulate vast amounts of cosmic power, with Unearthly ability and line-of-sight range. He uses this Power Cosmic to perform the following stunts:
Power Blasts: Shift-X Force or Energy
Increase Strength: Shift-X for 1-10 rounds
Healing: up to Unearthly damage
Energy Detection: Unearthly perceive any energy source within a planetary radius is on a planet’s surface, or within a stellar system if in space.
True Flight: Class 5000, Unearthly in atmosphere
Self-Sustenance: He does not need to breathe, eat, or drink anything to sustain his life.
Life Detection: He has the Unearthly ability to detect the presence of life energies within 500 light years.
Energy Detection: Firelord can detect any form of energy with Unearthly ability within 500 light years.
Detect energy and type anywhere on a planet, with Unearthly ability.


Cosmic Axe: Morg can channel his powers through the axe, raising his Power Blast to Shift-Y. The Axe has a material strength of Class 1000.
Disintegration: Unearthly damage is limited to the line of the axe’s passage and the area above that line (away from the pull of gravity).
Force Field: Monstrous
Forearm Guards: Unearthly material strength, razor tipped, capable of inflicting Unearthly edged damage.


Weapons Specialist: Cosmic Axe, Martial Arts B, Astronavigation




As a rebel warrior, then traitor turned executioner, Morg’s only alliance was to power. He learned the true meaning of power when Galactus came to comsume his world. Refusing to die on his knees no matter the odds He atacked the World Devourer. Amused at Morg’s audacity, an audacity not unlike a former herald. Galactus spared the killer’s life for his own purposes. But unlike many of his other heralds Morg lacked any semblence of morality. This linked to his depravity made him a cosmic powered killing machine, slaughtering whole civilizations under the guise of subduing the populace for his master. Despite his psychotic nature Morg has been the most faithful of heralds to Galactus. He refused to betray him to Tyrant, despite torture and mind control and came rushing back to his master’s side as soon as he broke free. When Morg sought the Ultimate Nullifier, it was in an effort to come to the unbidden aid of Galactus. Perhaps since his only loyalty is to power, when he saw The Mighty one refuse to use the awsome power of this weapon against his foe he felt betrayed, for he set it off and fled.

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