Dr. Michael Morbius

Fighting Excellent
Agility Remarkable
Strength Remarkable
Endurance Amazing
Reason Remarkable
Intuition Remarkable
Psyche Excellent

Health 130
Karma 80
Resources Typical
Popularity 0


Pseudo-Vampirism: Morbius, due to his experiments must make a Red Psyche Feat each month, or fall victim to his lust for Life-force. Once victim, he will hunt a healthy human, between the ages of 18 and 30 to feed upon. The feeding kills the human, but unless he takes measures by the turning of one moon they will rise from the dead also as Pseudo-Vampires.
Flight: Morbius can fly at Good airspeed
Claws: Morbius can employ his claws in melee combat, doing Strength +1CS Edged damage.
Fangs: Morbius’ bite is powerful enough to do Strength Edged damage in melee combat
Regeneration: As a Pseudo-Vampire Morbius can rapidly heal physical damage at Amazing rank
Nightvision: Excellent
Enhance Senses: Morbius has enhance Hearing and Smell at Remarkable levels
Lillian Attributes: shortly after he reverted to his vampiric condition, Morbius ingested some blood from a Lillian named Fang. This was helpful in 2 ways. First he worked the blood into a serum that enabled him to control his hunger for blood. Secondly it altered him and granted him further powers.
Hypnotic Control: Excellent
Transformation – Mist: Incredible


Pseudo-Vampirism: He is required to once a day make a Psyche Feat or be forced to feed on human blood. Unless he took steps to avoid it his victims had a 01-05% chance of becoming pseudo-vampires themselves. Vampire: If Morbius does not feed on life-force atleast once per month he begins to lose -1CS to all his statistics, until his Endurance reaches Shift-0 and he lapses into a coma for an undetermined length of time.
Prolonged use of the Lillian derived serum caused him to develop a separate personality, which eventually seperated Morbius and his Lillian self. While it was still apart of him, it could exert control over their shared body with Excellent ability.


Biochemistry, Lore (Vampires)


Dr. Kurt Connors, She-Hulk, Midnight Sons, Hannibal King, Blade


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