Dr. Karla Sofen

Fighting Good
Agility Excellent
Strength Incredible
Endurance Remarkable
Reason Good
Intuition Good
Psyche Excellent

Health 100
Karma 40
Resources Typical
Popularity 0


Light Manipulation: Amazing, may create light from all parts of the light spectrum. Karla may produce a blinding flash or laser
Phasing: Amazing
True Flight: Remarkable airspeed
Body Armor: Remarkable protection vs physical and energy attacks. By altering the visual effects Moonstone can change the appearance of her armor at will, taking on any appearance she wishes.


Psychiatry, Medicine, Streetwise




Karla Stofen, MD, is a former assistant of Doctor Faustus, a dangerous criminal psychologist. Not wanting to be second best, she manipulated a patient, the original Moonstone (now known as Nefarius) into giving her the source of his power, an extraterrestrial rock which grafted itself to her nervous system.

No longer in Faustus’ shadow, Karla has since been a supercriminal, but her career has been somewhat disapointing (to me, at least). After a nice fight against the Hulk, she became a standard villain, working for the Corporation, the Masters of Evil, and the like. When she was recruited in the fourth incarnation of the Masters of Evil (a veritable army of supervillains who succesfully attacked the Avenger’s Mansion), she sensed an opportunity for power and control over others, and even betrayed the team leader, Baron Zemo II, for her own self-interest. There was also a nice Mark Waid episode in Captain America where she was kidnapped by Nefarius and defeated him before being recaptured, but as I said, she’s been basically underused. However…

After the Masters of Evil IV were vainquished, Stofen was imprisoned in the Vaults, and was determined to serve out her sentence and begin again with a clean slate ; but Zemo needed her for his Thunderbolts imposture and freed her against her will. Sensing an opportunity, she agreed to join the new team, which was posturing as a mysterious team of heroes that was to succeed the Avengers, whom had disapeared.

Taking the name Meteorite, Karla aided the others in perfecting their heroic roles and monitoring the public’s relation, but she also tried to form her own power base on the team in anticipation of rebelling against Zemo. In particular, she became a sort of surrogate mother to the young Jolt, winning the young girl’s loyalty and affection. It is unclear wether Karla truly feels anything for Jolt, or is simply manipulating her.

Since fleeing with her teammates after the Thunderbolts rebelled against Zemo, Moonstone has been the de facto leader of the group – a facth that worries Jolt greatly. Perhaps the strongest indiction of her true nature lies in her recent re-assumption of her villainous name.

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