Lar Gand

Fighting Remarkable
Agility Amazing
Strength Unearthly
Endurance Unearthly
Reason Excellent
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Remarkable

Health 230
Karma 70
Resources Excellent
Popularity 40


Class 3000 Solar Absorption and Storage that provides Mon-El with mass amounts of energy that support all his other powers and abilities. He may direct this stored energy to enhance the following abilities:
Invulnerabilities: Mon-El has Class 1000 resistance to Heat, Cold, Disease, Corrosives, Toxins and Radiation. His body’s cells protect him internally as well so even his insides wouldn’t be melted by drinking a vial of acid.
True Invulnerability: Mon-El’s dense Daxamite body provides him with Unearthly protection from physical and Energy attacks.
True Flight: Mon-El is able to defy gravity and fly at Unearthly airspeeds in atmosphere whilst at Class 1000 speed in space.
Heat Emmision-Eyes: Mon-El can emit his body’s stores of solar radiation through his eyes causing Amazing Heat damage with a 10 area range.
Hyper Speed: Mon-El is fast. He possesses hyperspeed at Remarkable rank.
Mon-El needs an Earth like atmosphere to breath in. His Endurance enables him to last for extended period holding his breath, but in space he will eventually need a space suit. His greater constitution provides little need for sleep, however eventually he will tire and require rest.
Superhuman Senses: Mon-El heightened senses as below:
Enhanced Hearing: Remarkable
Microscopic Vision: Amazing
Telescopic Vision: Good
Penetration Vision-Xrays: Incredible


Every Legionaire has access to the following personal equipment
Flight Ring: Allows True Flight at Excellent rank. Made from Typical strength materials. Able to broadcast an SOS with a 500 light year range. Additionally when travelling in a group the rings act in concert so the group will all travel at the fastest characters speed.
Telepathic Ear Plug: Made from Typical strength materials, these permit Typical rank telepathic abilities.
Transuits: These suits permit the wearer to utilise their own unique abilities without penalty. Additionally the suits provide Class 1000 Life Support.
Each Legionaire may also select items from “The Store” for unique occasions. These include:
Chronal Howitzer: Is a bomb like device that sends it’s target/victims through time with Class 1000 ability.
Distorters: Image inducers permit Amazing rank illusions, disguising the appearance of the user
Blaster Rifles: Amazing strength energy blast. Range 5 areas.
Dominator Blasters: Incredible strength energy blast. Range 4 areas.
Hand Held Blasters: Incredible strength energy blast. Range 2 areas.
Sklarian Blasters: Incredible strength energy blast. Range 4 areas.
Khund Blasters: Incredible strength energy blast. Range 4 areas.
Anti-lead serum: Negates all vulnerabilities as long as it is taken


Mon-El is vulnerable to Lead. He is powered by a particular wavelength of energy, which happens to be rather abundant in our sun. Lead prevents the absorption of this energy. This process of disruption is painful and sets off a chain reaction within a Daxamites cells that can lead to death. Exposure to Lead causes him to lose all her powers at -1CS per round. He also loses 1 rank of Strength and Endurance (with its loss of Health) per round until death occurs at Shift-0 Endurance.
Red Sun Radiation: The planet Daxam Orbited a red giant, this kind of sun produces a specific frequency of radiation that negates the energy from a yellow sun. Exposure to radiation from a red star causes complete negation of Daxamite powers. They return at a rate of 1CS per round following a round of exposure to yellow sun radiation.




Daxam, Legion of Superheroes


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