Fighting Good
Agility Poor
Strength Good
Endurance Remarkable
Reason Remarkable
Intuition Good
Psyche Remarkable

Health 54
Karma 70
Resources Increidlbe
Popularity 0 / 100 to Moloids


Abnormal Sensitivity: Mole Man’s eyes are extremely sensitive to light. He is virtually blinded by normal illumination. To counter this, he wears protective glasses that both reduce bright light to levels he can tolerate and increase dim light to levels by which he can see.
Hyper-Hearing: Mole Man has Typical hearing that enables him to find his way around in the unlit depths of the earth.
Hyper-Touch: Mole Man has Typical sensitivity and can identify things by touching their surface if he succeeds in a green Reason FEAT.


Weapon Staves: Mole Man has a series of similar-looking staves (6 ft. long, made of wood or aluminum) which contain a weapon and additional features. All staves include a galvanic response meter that is tuned to the Mole Man’s body; this prevents anyone else from activating his staves.
Radar: All staves contain the Good ability to electronically map out the surroundings. The information is relayed as a series of braille dots.
Electrical Generation: Incredible rank.
Fire Generation: Remarkable rank.
Light Emission (Laser): Incredible rank.
Vibration: Incredible rank.


Mole Man’s life has made him an expert on subterranean geography, spelunking, understanding Deviant weapons systems, and monster training.


Red Ghost


Little is known of Mole Man’s past, save that he was shunned by the world because of his homeliness. While wandering the forgotten areas of the world, he discovered Monster Island in the Bermuda Triangle and the island’s cavernous entrance to Subterranea. There he mastered the branch of Subterraneans now called the Moloids. He used the creatures and technology he found there to strike back at the outer world.

Later he reformed and began to concentrate on building a sanctuary for other people rejected by the surface world. Tragically his two attempts thus far have have led to the death of most of the visitors to his sanctuaries.

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