Molecule Man

Molecule Man
Owen Reece

Fighting Feeble
Agility Poor
Strength Poor
Endurance Good
Reason Good
Intuition Feeble
Psyche Monstrous

Health 20
Karma 87
Resources Excellent
Popularity 1


Matter / Energy Control – Owen has Class 1000 ranked ability to manipulate matter and energy for a variety of effects. Owen can perform the following power stunts at Class 1000 ability and rank:
Elemental Conversion
Molecular Conversion
Matter Animation – ALL
Project Force and Energy Bolts
Teleport Self – with unlimited range
Teleport Others – with unlimited range
Catalytic Control
True flight
Floating Disc: via levitation of existing matter, like a rock or section of sidewalk.
Power Boost: Owen can boost any of his physical stats to Class 1000 for himself or Unearthly for others by manipulating molecules.
Note that his power is so great he can affect objects otherwise considered impervious to harm, with past examples including the disintegration of Captain America’s Shield, Thor’s Hammer, and the Silver Surfer’s Surf Board.
Cosmic Awareness: From his control of molecules, Owen Reece is somewhat in touch with the universe. He notices displaced molecules to detect invisible, out of-phase, or extra-dimensional creatures, as well as molecules (and individuals) under the control of others automatically with Class 1000 rank ability.
Serial Immortality: In the past Owen Reece has been able to store his awareness within an existing object (in this case his wand) if his physical body is destroyed, and later re-fashion a new body from existing molecules in another location with Unearthly ability
Mind Control – Possession: While storing his consciousness within an object he can take control over the mind of anyone who picks up the item (save those of an energy or mechanical nature) and channel his powers through the host body until such time as he creates a new body for himself.
Disintegration: Class 3000

Except for Serial Immortality, none of his powers can affect living targets.


None known, in his life before evolving into the Molecule Man he was a fairly low level grunt employee with little education, although his powers and recent efforts to learn to exploit them to their fullest have improved on his base Reason and given him a practical knowledge of various foundation principles of physics and reality most scientists can only dream of achieving.




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