Barbara “Bobbi” Morse Barton

Fighting Excellent
Agility Excellent
Strength Typical
Endurance Good
Reason Excellent
Intuition Typical
Psyche Typical

Health 56
Karma 32
Resources Typical
Popularity 50




Battle Staves: She wields a pair of Remarkable Material Strength battle staves that cause Excellent Blunt Damage in hand-to-hand combat. They also have the following combat options:
Javelins: Fitted together and thrown as a javelin, they cause Remarkable Blunt Damage to a target with a 4 Area Range.
Projectiles: She has spring-loaded holsters for the staves on her forearms. She can release the staves directly from the holsters and cause them to fly up to 3 Areas away to do Excellent Blunt Damage. She can catch the staves on the rebound with a Green Agility FEAT Roll.
Vaulting Pole: Joined together and extended, she has an 8-foot-long vaulting pole that allows her to vault upwards 1 Area and across ½ Area.
Body Armor: Her costume provides her with Remarkable Physical Protection and Excellent Fire Protection


Acrobatics, Biology, Detective, Espionage, Law Enforcement, Weapon Specialist: Battle Staves


Avengers, Hawkeye


Barbara Bobbi Morse was a biologist turned agent for the international espionage agency SHIELD. Later, she went freelance as the costumed intelligence operative Huntress, although she changed her moniker to Mockingbird.

As Mockingbird, she met and married the hero Hawkeye after they joined forces against the villain Crossfire, and she began serving alongside Hawkeye his hero team, the Avengers, becoming a full official member of the group when she joined Hawkeye in founding the team’s west coast roster. Mockingbird remained a mainstay of the team until an ethical dispute estranged her from both Hawkeye and the Avengers.

This dispute hinged on Mockingbird’s abduction and violation by her crazed admirer, the Phantom Rider, who died in their final confrontation when she allowed him to fall from a cliff after he tried unsuccessfully to kill her. The Phantom Rider’s ghost then began tormenting her, and prompted Mockingbird’s estrangement from the Avengers when he convinced Hawkeye that Mockingbird had “murdered” him. Mockingbird eventually exorcised his ghost from the earthly plane and started working with the Avengers again on an irregular basis while trying to mend her marriage to Hawkeye.

While on leave from the Avengers, Hawkeye and Mockingbird became mentors to amid western team of novice adventurers called the Great Lakes Avengers until Hawkeye returned to the western Avengers roster, prompting Mockingbird to rejoin as a reservist and, eventually, as a full active member. By that time, Hawkeye and Mockingbird had realized how much they still loved each other and finally fully reconciled, calling off their divorce before it became final. Their renewed bliss proved short-lived, though, when Mockingbird was slain in action by the demon Mephisto when the team were escaping from his realm.

More recently, she was one of several deceased Avengers temporarily resurrected by the villainous Grim Reaper to serve him in Avengers, but shook off the Reaper’s control and helped the Avengers defeat him before returning to the realm of the dead once more.

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