Mister Terrific

Michael Holt

Fighting Remarkable
Agility Incredible
Strength Good
Endurance Remarkable
Reason Incredible
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Excellent

Health 110
Karma 80
Resources Incredible
Popularity 20


Kit-Bashing: Mr. Terrific is not infused with super powers, per se. He possesses ‘MacGyver-style’ resourcefulness allowing Monstrous kit-bashing skills.


T-Spheres Mister Terrific is aided by his “T-spheres”, floating robotic spheres made from Amazing strength materials. His T-spheres have a multitude of functions that we’ve only scratched the surface of some of which include:
Flight: Excellent air speeds.
Holographic Projection: Excellent
Laser Emmision: Incredible
“Dazzle” to confuse and blind a target for 1-100 rounds. Endurance FEAT vs. Remarkable intensity or be at -4CS
Gas Cloud: Remarkable intensity Smoke or Knockout gas that fills 1 area.
Radiowave Communications: Used for radio communhications and video conferencing at Good rank.
Data Recording: T-spheres are able to record data, vieo, sound and an other type of data and replay at Remarkable levels.
Tracking: T-spheres are able to follow a designated target with Excellent ability.
Artifical Intelligence: T-Spheres possesses Typical Reason and can function independently of Michael’s commands, according to their pre-programmed artificial intelligence.
Body armor: Good protection from physical and energy damage.
His suit also provides amazing invisibility to to all forms of electronic detection


Engineering, Electronics, Repair/Tinkering, computers, Streetwise, Acrobatics, Martial Arts A B D, Business/Finance, Medicine, Detective: Multi-lingual: speaks dozens of languages


Justice Society


Michael Holt was successful in everything he did in life. Michael Holt was an Olympic champion of decathlon, A black belt in at least 6 martial arts and possesses one of the most gifted intellects in the world. The life of Michael Holt was broken when his wife died in a car accident. He became suicidal and it thought of putting an end to his days. When gang members threatened to kill him, he simply responded “Who cares?”, and on the verge of being killed when the Spectre arrives on the scene and saves him.

The Spectre told Michael about the original Mr. Terrific and, inspired by the legend of “Fair Play” begun by his equally gifted predecessor, and has become an adventurer in his own right, vowing to take responsibility for the misguided gang youth who are all too common on the streets.

In a very short time, Mr. Terrific has become a noted inventor and a skilled and decisive leader. Even the Batman appropriated his “T-sphere” technology and he was recently voted chairman of the Justice Society.

Recently, Mr. Terrific was critically injured in battle against the Spirit King. Near death, he met the spirits of his wife and unborn child on the edge of the afterlife. They convinced him to return to life instead and assured him that they would be there waiting for him, when the time was right.

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