Mister Fear

Mister Fear
Alan Fagan

Fighting Typical
Agility Good
Strength Typical
Endurance Good
Reason Good
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Good

Health 32
Karma 40
Resources Remarkable
Popularity -5




Fear Compound: Mister Fear uses a special chemical compound that is based on pheromones, which are special scents that cause various emotional reactions in animals. Mister Fear uses a compound that causes fear, making the victim want to flee as fast and as far away as possible. This fear compound has an Unearthly intensity rank. The fear compound only works on animals and humans native to Earth. Those breathing it, or coming into contact with the compound must make an Endurance FEAT roll versus Unearthly intensity to resist its effects. If breathed, the compound takes effect immediately, if it is only absorbed through the skin, it will take 3 rounds before it takes effect. If the victim is effected by the compound, the victim’s Endurance decides how long the character is affected.
Endurance Rank Length of Fear
Feeble to Typical
150 rounds

Good 100 rounds
Excellent 50 rounds
Remarkable 25 rounds
Monstrous 10 rounds
Unearthly 5 rounds
Shift-X – Shift-Y 1 round
Above no effect
Mister Fear usually uses a gun that shoots pellets containing the fear compound. He fires the gun with Excellent Agility and it has a 5 area range, with one pellet affecting one area. Mister Fear sometimes uses a ring capable of injecting a concentrated dose of the fear compound. He must strike a character to inject the compound. The ring does Poor dam age and can’t penetrate body armor of Typical rank or better, but the fear effects take place immediately.

Gas Mask: Mister Fear uses a gas mask and sealed suit that protects him from contacting the fear compound in any way.






The original Mister Fear, Zoltan Drago, was the owner of a wax museum and an amateur scientist. He accidentally discovered the fear compound and decided to use it for personal gain. After creating a costume and a name, Drago joined the original Eel and Ox in a series of crimes. They were eventually caught by Daredevil and Drago was sent to prison.

Drago, after being released from prison, was killed by Samuel “Starr” Saxon. Before killing him, Saxon found out where a second Mister Fear costume and some fear pellets were located. Saxon became Mister Fear and battled Daredevil. Saxon was killed in a final battle with Daredevil, when he fell from an airship.

Larry Cranston, a law school classmate of Matt Murdock’s, overheard Saxon kill Drago in the hotel room next to his. Cranston hated Murdock and believed him to be Daredevil. After Saxon’s death, he passed himself off as a relative of Saxon’s and got all the Mister Fear equipment. When both Daredevil and Murdock appeared in San Francisco, Cranston knew they were the same person. He became Mister Fear and attacked Daredevil, but he was defeated and accidentally killed.

Alan Fagan, Cranston’s nephew, got a hold of the Mister Fear’s equipment and planned to use it himself. As Mister Fear, Fagan tried to put together a small nuclear weapon, planning to blackmail New York City, but he was stopped by Spiderman and Hawkeye. After Fagan served his jail term, he got a court order which returned all the Mister Fear equipment back over to him.

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