Fighting Excellent
Agility Remarkable
Strength Typical
Endurance Good
Reason Good
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Typical

Health 66
Karma 36
Resources Good
Popularity 2




Mink’s normal costume consists of calf-high boots, a leotard, and a mink tunic. The tunic is slightly padded to give her Poor protection from physical attacks. The tunic also hives her torso PR protection from the cold, but her bare legs and low-cut costume otherwise negate this protection.
Claws: Mink originally wore large metallic bracelets on each wrist. When she jerked her hand downward in a specific manner, three large steel claws (Remarkable material strength; Excellent edged damage) popped out. The claws retracted with a different hand movement. The bracelets were later incorporated directly into her Mink-Stink cannisters.
Mink-Stink: Cannisters around Mink’s forearms contain a nauseating perfume of Excellent potency. When she jerks her hand upward in a specific manner, the gas jets out over two areas to form an ochre (?) cloud. Victims within this zone must make an Endurance feat roll or suffer incapacitating nausea. A successful feat enables the victim to fight at -1CS. The ochre color temporarily blinds a victim for two turns (Fighting reduced by -3CS). The cannisters provide Excellent protection against any attacks aimed at her arms. Mink is immune to the nauseating effects of her Mink-Stink.


Criminology, Acrobatics, Acting, Disguise, Gemology, Chemistry


Nighthawk, Squadron Supreme


Mink was one of Nighthawk’s oldest and most glamorous adversaries. Originally a spoiled rich girl, she was an heiress who turned to crime because she craved excitement. Crime also fueled her considerable ego; she felt naturally superior to those she so easily preyed upon.

Mink was primarily a jewel thief and cat burglar. Although her claws give her deadly combat skills, she preferred not to kill but rather to maim. She maintains her preference for the finer things in life, especially jewelry, and still mingles with the well-to-do. She can often be found in expensive restaurants and haunts of the very rich, which remind her of her past.

When the Squadron Supreme announced its Utopia Program, Mink realized her probable fate was eventual capture and reprogramming by the Behavior Modification Machine. She joined forces with two other longtime foes of Nighthawk (Remnant and Pinball), then sought out Master Menace. They were sent to the Marvel Earth where, coincidentally, Nighthawk had come seeking help. After a brief battle for old-times sake, Mink agreed to join Nighthawk. During the six months she worked alongside Nighthawk, her attitude toward him changed. She felt “real” and felt that she was finally accomplishing something meaningful. then, too, even when they were foes, Mink was physically attracted to Nighthawk. By the time of the Redeemers’ battle with the Squadron, they were well on the way to becoming lovers. But during the final battle with the Squadron, Foxfire killed Nighthawk. Enraged over his death, Mink broke her normal aversion to killing and gored Foxfire, who died shortly thereafter.

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