Tabitha Smith

Fighting Typical
Agility Excellent
Strength Typical
Endurance Excellent
Reason Poor
Intuition Typical
Psyche Typical

Health 52
Karma 16
Resources Typical
Popularity 0


Plasma Bombs: Meltdown has the ability to create psionic “timebombs” that explode with Amazing force. Meltdown may delay detonation of a Bomb for up to 10 Minutes, but normally they detonate in 1-10 phases, but in any case the duration of the countdown is set when she creates the bomb. She can throw them up to 2 areas set to dentonate on impact.
She has developed the ability to manifest a great number of ‘bombs’ which swirl around her, (plasma streams) affecting everything in their path offering her the equivelant of Remarkable energy sheath.


Thrown Weapons (Plasma Bombs), Streetwise, Videogames


Xmen, X-Force, Fallen Angels, X-Factor, X-Terminators, Genoshan Mutates, New Mutants, Underground


Tabitha Smith began life in a very bad way. She was beaten and humiliated by her own father, and her mother wasn’t even there to help. So Tabitha ran. And she ran far. She dissapeared for some time before appearing during the Secret Wars II to help the fight. She also appeared to have some sort of super-human abilities. (See bottom of this page). She used her abilities for a time training with the otiginal X-Factor, and adopted the name Time Bomb. After a stay with X-Factor, she ran off to join the Fallen Angels. She then returned briefly to X-Factor before joining up with Rusty, Skids, Rictor, Artie, and Leeech to form the X-Terminators. At this time she began calling herself Boom-Boom. After that, she joined up with the New Mutants, and immediately became the team’s loud mouth. She seemed secure with herself and her abilities, but this was only an act to cover up the fact that she was just a scared little girl inside. While with the New Mutants, she had no real teacher until Cable came along. He taught her and the rest of the New Mutants hoe to better use their powers and physical skills to become more adept at what they did. She also started to want to date Rictor, but he seemed to be more interested in Wolfsbane (Rahne Sinclair). On one of the New Mutants’ last missions, she, Warlock, Sunfire, and Cannonball were taken prisoner by the MLF. Cannonball tricked Boom-Boom into kissing him, and she began to fall in love with him ever since then. The New Mutants soon became X-Force, and she went through more training and was given plasma launchers for her mutant powers.

She pretty much stayed out of the spotlight until recently, when all of X-force recieved their new uniforms and member (Caliban). Cannonball got upset at Cable for not including him on the team, but his worries were pushed away when Professor X offered him a spot on the X-Men. Tabitha (who was going by the name of Boomer now) seemd thrilled at first, but her dislike of this situation soon became evident. She tryed to convince Cannonball to spend time with her, bu when he refused, she turned to the then thought to be docile Sabretooth. She always took him out for walks and snuck him milk at night. When the rest of X-Force confronted her about her problem, she denied them and tried to pin the blame on Sunspot. Shortly thereafter, Professor X told her that Creed was leaving and that she would have to stop thinking he was not the savage he is. She immediately ran down to Sabretooth and demanded to know why he lied to her. He talked her into a frenzy, and she blew up the restraints he was in trying to eradicate him. His mutant power saved him, but Psylocke jumped in to try to stop him. Tabitha could only watch in horror as Psylocke was viciously mauled and gutted. Her own power depleted, Boomer yelled for help, but Sabretooth had already gotten away.

Not too long ago, she was psionically overtaken by Lady Tess, who was working with Sebastion Shaw and Holocaust. She was forced to nearly kill Cable, and as a result, went through a radical transformation. She swore to never be used again; she cut her hair off, changed her name to Meltdown, and had a whole new attitude it seemed. She recently took on the Blob nearly by herself, and displayed new found uses for her powers.

Nowadays, Tabitha’s “MELTDOWN” persona seems a lot less extreme, although she’s still quite a firecracker! In fact, she recently started a “fling” with fellow X-Forcer Bobby DaCosta, a.ka. Sunspot! Only time will tell where this leads her…if it leads her anywhere, that is!

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