Medusalith Amaquelin

Fighting Remarkable
Agility Remarkable
Strength Excellent
Endurance Remarkable
Reason Good
Intuition Remarkable
Psyche Remarkable

Health 110
Karma 70
Resources Excellent
Popularity 15 / 90 among Inhumans


Prehensile Hair: Remarkable ability to use her hair like a series of tiny tentacles.The power is telekinetic in nature; despite its ability to move, her hair is almost identical to normal human hair. However, it is 12 feet long and more resilient than normal (Incredible material strength). She has mastered the following power stunts:
Handle objects with Incredible Strength and Agility.
Perform three actions simultaneously using her hair alone.
Attack up to 1 area away at Incredible rank for Remarkable damage.
Move along the ground 3 areas per round or climb at 2 stories per round.
Rotate her hair like a propellor to create Excellent intensity winds.


Martial Arts C, understand/translate Black Bolts body-language


Fantastic Four, Inhumans


Medusa was the first of two children born to the Inhuman nutritionists Quelin and Ambur. Her father Quelin was the brother of Rynda, wife of Agon, king of the lnhumans, and as such she has been considered part of the Royal Family. Medusa’s parents elected to expose her to the mutagenic Terrigen Mist when she was an infant, and the process endowed her with hair that she could animate like added appendages.

While still in adolescence she began to make frequent visits to the isolation cell of her second cousin, Black Bolt, and learned to communicate with him in a special sign language Medusa and Black Bolt developed a special bond between them that blossomed into love when Black Bolt was first allowed out of his cell at the age of eighteen. In the aftermath of the first coming of the Trikon, Medusa left the Inhumans Great Refuge.

Afflicted with amnesia sustained in an aircrash, the Inhuman wandered Europe, committing petty thefts to get food to survive. Her animated hair soon brought her unwanted attention and eventually the American criminal called the Wizard heard rumors of her. Locating Medusa in Paris, the Wizard brought her to America and enlisted her in the Frightful Four, a band of criminals he had organized. Medusa went along with the criminal activities of the Frightful Four since she felt grateful to the Wizard for her rescue and had nothing better to do. The Frightful Four battled the Fantastic Four, and all but Medusa were captured. Medusa’s public exploits enabled Black Bolt and the other members of the Royal Family, who had been exiled from the Great Refuge by Black Bolts mad brother Maximus, to locate her. Seeing them again restored her memory, and they were all taken back to the Great Refuge by the Seeker, an agent of Maximus.

When Black Bolt regained the throne, Medusa renewed her betrothal to him and served as his royal interpreter. She has remained at his side as his constant companion for most of the time since, seeing the lnhumans through one of their most tumultuous periods in history. Although Medusa has taken various short journeys from the lnhumans’ base Attilan without Black Bolt (once where she engaged Spider-Man in battle, another time to thwart the reunion of the Frightful Four), she has only left his side for a period of months twice. The first time she joined the Fantastic Four to take the Invisible Girl’s place on the team during her estrangement from her husband. The second time, she was taken captive by the criminal Enclave, who sought to conquer Attilan. Medusa has recently wed Black Bolt, thus becoming the queen of the Inhumans, after the customary several-year royal engagement period was over. She and Black Bolt were expecting a child. With Attilan’s unexpected return to Earth, Medusa once more must deal with being an Inhuman in a human world.

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