David North

Fighting Incredible
Agility Remarkable
Strength Excellent
Endurance Incredible
Reason Excellent
Intuition Incredible
Psyche Remarkable

Health 130
Karma 90
Resources Good
Popularity 0


Kinetic Absorbtion: Maverick has the mutant power which enables him to absorb kinetic energy with Amazing ability. He releases it by raising his strength to the absorbed level or by fueling his energy blasts. He can retain up to 200 points before he automatically releases it. His strength maximum is Unearthly


Armor: Maverick wears a battle armor that provides the following:
Excellent resistance to physical and energy damage
Infra-vision: Remarkable
Targeting device, +1CS with ranged weapons.
Weapon: Maverick carries a machine gun with AP-bullets which do Incredible damage and reduce body armor by -2CS.
Neuro-Darts: A series of darts fired at +2CS that (if penetrating artificial armor) do Typical damage and inflict Typical damage for 1-10 rounds while giving of Neuro-stuns of Amazing intensity. The target must make an Endurance FEAT vs. this intensity each round or be stunned for 1-10 round cumulative.
Booster Field: This field increases kinetic damage upon the wearer by +2CS which enables Maverick to absorb more energy. His power rank of the energy absorbtion power is increased by +1CS so use of this gadget is extremely dangerous since it may overload his power.


Marksmanship, Martial Arts A, B, C, D, E, Military, Espionage, Weapon specialist, Guns




Maverick, along Wolverine, Sabretooth, Silver Fox, John Wraith and others, is a test subject for the Weapon X Project, a Canadian project who made unaging super-soldiers out of mutants. Like most subjects, he has been a spy and shadow warrior ever since.

As for all Weapon X subjects, Maverick’s background is either false or nonexistent. It is established, however, that he was part of a superpowered CIA kill team called Team X during the Cold War, along with Wolverine and Sabretooth ; a botched extraction attempt in Berlin, during which the trio clashed with the dread Omega Red, is well-documented.
Maverick has since operated with Wolverine a few times, mostly to clean up remnants of their common past (including the Weapon X Project). It is known that he has served as a special operative for the US and Germany during most of the Cold War. At one point, however, he discovered that his own wife was a double agent and killed her himself. He then understandably retired and started operating in the private sector, performing wetwork, bodyguard duties and other mercenary activities. A master at the art of the espionnage, he specialized in jobs that no-one else was willing or able to undertake.

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