Brendon Doyle

Fighting Incredible
Agility Excellent
Strength Incredible
Endurance Incredible
Reason Good
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Typical

Health 140
Karma 36
Resources Good
Popularity 0




Mauler Battle Armor: The Mauler armor provides the following powers:
Body armor: Similar to the Iron Man Mark V armor, the Mauler armor is made of micro-chain mail mesh, but it lacks the magnetic field generator that gives the Iron Man armor additional protection. The Mauler armor provides Remarkable protection from physical and energy attacks, including heat, cold, radiation, and corrosives. It has Amazing protection from electrical attacks. The Mauler’s helmet faceplate is only an Excellent material. Additionally, the Mauler’s power cables are only an Excellent material. If the power cables are damaged, none of the Mauler’s weapons systems will function.
Blaze Cannon: Attached to the left arm assembly, the blaze cannon is enormously powerful, causing upto Monstrous force or blunt attack damage at a range of 7 areas.
Laser Cannon: Also attached to the left arm assembly, the armor’s laser cannon inflicts up to Monstrous energy damage at range of 10 areas.
Targeting System: The Mauler’s helmet is equipped with a targeting system that provides a +2CS to hit with the Blaze Cannon or Laser Cannon, provided that the Mauler spend at least one turn to establish a target lock.
Electric Touch: The Mauler’s right gauntlet can be electrified so that anyone he touches with it receives upto Amazing electrical damage.
Flight: The Mauler armor is equipped with electric, air breathing turbines located in his legs. These turbines can propel him at speeds of over 1,200 mph, or Shift-X airspeed. The turbines require air to operate; they cannot function underwater or in vacuums.
Life support: Mauler can survive upto 3 and 1/2 days in hostile environments with no ill effects by filtering air. It has a internal air supply of up to one hour.
Alter Ego: All of the Brendan Doyle’s powers derived from his armored battlesuit, the Mobile Armored Utility Laser Emitter, Revised (Mauler for short). Without it, Doyle’s stats are:
Fighting Remarkable
Agility Excellent
Strength Good
Endurance Good
Reason Good
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Typical

Health 90
Karma 36


Martial Arts A, B and C, Guns, Military


Mercenary world, James Rhodes


The Mauler armor is a prototype battlesuit designed and constructed by industrialist-inventor Edwin Cord of Cord Conglomerate for the United States Army as part of a top-secret military contract. Before mass-production of the armor could begin, it was stolen by Aaron Soames, a former employee of Cord Conglomerate. Soames had been a life-long employee of Cord Conglomerate who was about to retire. Due to a computer error, however, Soames’ entire pension was lost. Although Cord was personally aware that Soames had been a long-time employee of his company, he maliciously used the computer error to deprive Soames of his pension. Unable to find redress in the courts, Soames used the Mauler armor in an apparent attempt to kill Cord. Despite the interference of Daredevil, Soames succeeded in reaching Cord, but he chose only to destroy Cord’s credit cards and personal identification, thereby erasing any record of Cord’s existence, just as Cord had done to him. Immediately afterward, Soames was killed by Cord Conglomerate employees. Although Cord escaped unscathed, the serious breach of security caused by Soames forced the United States Army to cancel the contract to mass produce the Mauler armor. On the verge of bankruptcy, Cord arranged for mercenaries wearing less powerful versions of the Mauler armor, called Raider, to attack Iron Man at a technology expo. Cord hoped to impress the international espionage organization called SHIELD into purchasing the Raider suits. Instead, the Raiders were defeated by Iron Man and Cord was placed under arrest for reckless endangerment. Forced to sell his company to Stark International to pay his legal bills, Cord then contacted the mercenary Brendan Doyle from prison. Cord hired Doyle to steal the Mauler suit, which had been secretly stored at a wherehouse after the Soames incident. At Cord’s instruction, Doyle, now calling himself the Mauler, tried to destroy all records of the battlesuit’s existence so that the armor could not be traced back to him. Cord then intended to hire out the Mauler’s services to pay for his “retirement” once he was released from prison. Doyle fought Iron Man I to a standstill, but when Doyle’s old friend James Rhodes placed himself between Doyle and a computer bank that was sending records of the Mauler’s existence to every Stark International branch office in the world, Doyle found himself unwilling to kill the man who had once saved his life. Doyle escaped and left Cord’s employ, beginning a career as a super-powered mercenary. Doyle’s first assignment as the Mauler was to capture Spider Man for a former police officer who was convinced that the Wall-Crawler’s web shooters could be the key to preventing police officers from dying in the line of fire. The Mauler succeeded in defeating Spider Man, but was unable to prevent Wonder Man from rescuing him. When the Mauler’s employer was killed, the Mauler once again escaped. Sometime later, the Mauler again encountered Spider Man while trying to retrieve his newborn son from a New York hospital. Just as the Mauler was about to escape with his child, Spider Man convinced Doyle that he was not fit to be a parent. Doyle left his son in the hospital and once again escaped. Subsequently, Tony Stark realized that some of the circuits in the Mauler armor utilized principles stolen from his Iron Man armor. Stark, as Iron Man, embarked on a personal crusade to neutralize the technology that had been stolen from him. When confronted by Iron Man, Doyle said he only fights if he’s paid, and surrendered the Mauler armor without a fight. Doyle intends to steal another battlesuit and continue his career as a freelance mercenary. The Mauler armor is currently in the custody of Tony Stark.

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