Master Menace

Master Menace
Dr. Emil Burbank

Fighting Remarkable
Agility Excellent
Strength Remarkable
Endurance Amazing
Reason Incredible
Intuition Incredible
Psyche Good

Health 130
Karma 90
Resources Amazing
Popularity -30


Hyper-Invention: Master Menace has the Amazing ability to build about anything he wants to. He and Tom Thumb are equally the most inventive men on Earth-S, although their technological quests have taken them in different directions. Anything one man builds, the other can counter with a new device. The rest of Master Menace’s powers are derived from his variation inventions, many of which are incorporated into his battle armor.


Battle Armor: Provides the stats listed above. Also gives the following..
Body Armor: Made from Incredible material strength the armor also provides Incredible protection from physical and energy damage
Absorption: Amazing
Self Sustenance: The suit is the functional equivalent of Dr. Doom or Iron Man’s armor. The suit is normall powered by a small nuclear generator; if removed the generator could easily supply a large building’s power needs. An induction coil hidden within the suit’s chest insignia serves as an auxillary power source. It can convert energy into power for special tasks. The battle armor can recycle air, water, and food for several week’s survival.
Dimension Travel: Menace’s D-Ray has the Feeble ability to transport a chosen subject to any preset dimension. A large D-Ray is secured on a platform in his secret headquarters. It can automatically home in on Menace’s armor, no matter what dimension he is in. His portable bazookalike D-Rays can transport a single person to a preset dimension. The ray has a range of one area. Using it is treated as an attack, and the intended target can try to evade it through normal means. A scanner connected to his main D-Ray enables Menace to view scenes in other dimensions.
Force Field: He has two types, both are Monstrous. One is in his armor for enhanced protection. The other is in his headquarters. It acts as a booby trap; it encloses intruders in individual force-bubbles, which float in midair and travel throughout the lair at Menace’s control. They are completely energy resistant and allow only visible light of normal intensitites to penetrate them. If he wants to interrogate a captive, he must reduce the diameter of the sphere so that the captive’s head emerges.
Levitation: several of his devices have Feeble antigravity powers. They are primarily used to move bulky loads, no such device is included in his armor, possibly due to unknown technological problems.
Teleportation: A variation of the D-Ray can teleport Menace 1,000 miles away at Good rank. A homing device in his armor allows him to return to base automatically from any location in range.
Alter Ego: The statistics given are when Menace is wearing his armor. When he is out of it he has the following ability ranks
Fighting Good
Agility Typical
Strength Good
Endurance Good
Reason Incredible
Intuition Incredible
Psyche Good

Health 36
Karma 90
Secret Headquarters: Menace works out of a mountaintop site that is disguised as an observatory. It contains a well-stocked warehouse and automated factory complex. Operations are overseen by Cerebrac, an advanced computer system. Cerebrac has the equivalent of Amazing Reason for data processing, but it is not self-aware. The exterior walls of the headquarters have Amazing material strength.
Spaceship: Menace’s flyer can hover, fly through air, and orbit at low altitudes. It can be surrounded by other materials to disguise its true nature.
Control Speed Body Protection
Remarkable Shift-Y Excellent Excellent


Physics, Engineering




He is the proverbial mad scientist out to conquer the world. He is a brilliant physicist and inventor, as well as an egomaniac. He feels contempt towards other people and sees them as little more than ignorant peasants at best and as prey at worst. He is a solitary man, seeing few people as worthy of even serving him let alone remaining in his presence. He does not enter into alliances proposed by others.

He originally chose not to actively assist the Redeemers. He undertook an independent plot involving the android Hyperion from Marvel Earth. When that failed, he grudgingly agreed to assist the Redeemers by building a device capable of undoing the effects of the Behavior Modification Machine. He chose to sit out the final battle and observe the results from afar.

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