Mary Marvel

Mary (Bromfield) Batson

Fighting Incredible
Agility Incredible
Strength Unearthly
Endurance Monstrous
Reason Good
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Good

Health 255
Karma 40
Resources Poor
Popularity 25


Mary’s human body has been super-charged with the magical energy of the Godwave. This grants her:
Solomon’s Wisdom | Hercules’s Swiftness | Atlas’s Stamina | Zeus’s Power | Achilles’s Courage | Mercury’s Speed
Listed are the physical manifestations of these abilities:
Cosmic Awareness: Mary possesses an Excellent understanding of the divine interactions with the mortal world. This also represents the Wisdom of Minerva. With it, she can gain knowledge and facts that she normally should not know.
True Flight: Mary Marvel is able to defy gravity and fly at Amazing airspeeds.
Hyper Speed: Mary has the ability to sharpen her awareness and increase her speed and reaction times by Excellent rank.
Self-Sustenance: Mary Marvel is sustained by the magical energies coursing through her body and does not require air, food or water.
True Invulnerability : When transformed Mary Marvel possesses Monstrous protection from physical and energy attacks.
Dimension Travel: This can only be used to travel to the Rock of Eternity at Remarkable rank.
Resist Disease and Toxins: Mary is highly resistant to the effects of toxins and disease to the point where he is uneffected by anything less than Unearthly intensity.
Alter Ego: By speaking the magic word, “Shazam,” she summons a magical bolt of lightning that supercharges and transforms her. Since the bolt strikes wherever she is standing when she says the word, anyone at ground zero is damaged by Incredible lightning. Mary is Immune to any damage from this lightning. When not “supercharged” Mary has Typical rank physical stats and her Intuition drops to Good.


Lightning attacks that cause Shift-X damage in a single round cause Mary to revert back to her non powered form.




Shazam (the wizard), Billy Batson, Justice League


Mary Bromfield, once just an amnesiac orphan who was taken in by the childless couple in Fawcett City. Until the day she met Billy Batson. That would also be the day that in a time of need she discovered that she could say the word ‘SHAZAM!’ granting her all the powers of one of Earth’s Mightiest Mortals and the ability to help save Mankind’s soul. Now she fights to right wrongs and protect all things good, as Mary Marvel, while trying to balance life as an ordinary teenager.

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