Marvel Girl III

Marvel Girl III
Rachel Grey

Fighting Good
Agility Excellent
Strength Good
Endurance Amazing
Reason Good
Intuition Remarkable
Psyche Monstrous

Health 90
Karma 115
Resources Typical
Popularity 0


Telekinesis: Monstrous
Force Fields: Amazing
Kinetic Bolt: Amazing
Flight: Excellent
Telepathy: Amazing
Mental Invisibilty: Amazing
Mental Bolts: Amazing
Mutant Detection: Amazing

Note: Rachael has possessed the Phoenix Force. If used during this period use the following powers:

The Phoenix Force: When any power is used, a fiery bird-like aura appears. It covers 1-1000 areas and is composed of Unearthly intensity cosmic flame.
Absorption: The phoenix can absorb energy with Class 1000 ability. When ‘feeding’ she can perform no other action
Elemental Conversion: Class 1000
True Flight: Unearthly airspeed in an atmosphere. Within the depths of space che is able to achive Class 300 speeds.
Force Field: Class 1000 protection from physical and energy damage.
Gateway: Phoenix is capable of creating gates allowing instantaneous transportation to anywhere in the universe with Class 5000 ability.
Kinetic Bolt: Unearthy intensity with a range of 100 miles.
Regeneration: Unearthly
Self Sustenance: Phoenix can survive indefinately without the need for air, food, water and the depths of space with Class 1000 ability.
Telekinesis: Unearthly however limited to line of site range
Telepathy: Unearthly rank with a 16,000 mile range.
Weather Control: Unearthly


Acrobatics, Martial Arts C, E


X-Men, X-Treme Sanctions Executive, Excalibur, Hounds, Clan Askani, Crazy Gang


Rachels story is perhaps the most tragic of all. Born in an alternate timeline as the Daughter of Phoenix (Jean Grey) and Cyclops, a world where Phoenix did not die, it held more turmoil than most. Mutants were hunted and killed here, and eventually Rachels own family and most of her friends succumbed to the forces against them. Even her love, Franklin Richards, was killed by the Sentinels which hunted mutants without mercy here. She and Franklin were part of a small rebellion against the hunters, and after his death, she fell into the hands of an evil man named Ahab. Ahab was known as “Master of the Hounds”, the Hounds being mutants which he had subverted to his cause for the sole purpose of hunting down others of their kind to be killed. Rachel especially excelled at her task because of her telepathic ability which she inherited from her mother, and was able to track mutants better than any other. She was responsible for the deaths of many, and became Ahab’s most prized Hound. Marked forever as one of them by the black scars upon her face, she never came to terms with the consequences of her actions during this time, with all the death she had caused. She eventually escaped Ahab, and was sent through time with the help of her lifelong friend Katherine Pryde (Shadowcat). She arrived in the X-Mens world alone, bereft and guilt ridden.

It took quite sometime for the team to come to terms with her origin, Cyclops finding it hardest of all. In a sense, she was his daughter as true as if she had been conceived in this world. Her telepathic and telekinetic power closely echoed that of her mothers, but she had none of the Phoenix power that her mother had possessed. In an attempt to learn more about the fate of this worlds Phoenix, she traveled to Jean’s parents home and found the crystal which contained a bit of this worlds Phoenix’s essence. This had been a gift from the Shi’ar to forever keep a part of Jean with those who had loved her. Rachel broke the crystal and claimed the Phoenix power within. Her powers considerably increased, she returned to the team with name “Phoenix” and a costume with the fiery cosmic creatures likeness emblazoned upon it. Cyclops took this hardest of all, the reminder of Jean almost too much to bear, and most of the team disapproved. Still, she kept the name and costume, and fought by the X-Mens side for several months.

During one particular battle, she encountered the woman known as Spiral, who danced her off to parts unknown. No one knew what had become of her. She was simply gone. Many months passed before she appeared to this worlds Kitty Pryde (Shadowcat) in a dream. Having been trapped in the Wildways by Mojo, she finally managed to escape with Kitty’s help. The two joined up with Captain Britain, Meggan and Nightcrawler shortly thereafter, to form a new, Britain based team, called Excalibur. Unfortunately for Rachel, there were many who sought to destroy or use the bearer of the Phoenix power, most notably the Omniversal Majestrix; Opal Luna Saturnyne, and the eater of worlds, Galactus. Trouble continued to plague her wherever she went, and she unable to find the happiness she sought in this life, despite her attempts. Finally Rachel found her place, not in this world, but in yet another, when she traded places in the timestream with Captain Britain, effectively releasing him from its hold. She spent some time drifting through space, and finally arrived in another alternate timeline, where Apocalypse ruled. When the Phoenix power left her, she took up the name Mother Aska’ni, and led a clan in rebellion against Apolcalypse, ruler of the world. She became a much hailed wisewoman in that world, and Apocalypses most formidable opponent in that world. She had one of her disciples travel to the X-Mens world briefly to claim her “brother” Nathan Christopher, son of Cyclops and Madelyne Pryor, who was infected the Techno-Organic virus. She had him brought back to her world where they could stop the virus from progressing any further. She raised him to become the man who would be called Cable in our world. She died peacefully, of old age, and her title has been passed from one generation to the next.

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