Marvel Girl II

Marvel Girl II
Valeria Richards

Fighting Good
Agility Excellent
Strength Remarkable
Endurance Remarkable
Reason Remarkable
Intuition Good
Psyche Excellent

Health 90
Karma 70
Resources Typical
Popularity 0


Force Field Generation: Valeria can instantly come up with different force field shapes with her mind. These force fields cover 1 area and are of Incredible intensity. Valeria also has the ability to create larger and stronger shapes however she must concentrate heavily. Use the following as a guide:
Blue Psyche FEAT roll: Backlash knocks her out for 1-10 rounds.
White Psyche FEAT roll: Unsuccessful strain. The force field collapses.
Green Psyche FEAT roll: Gain +1CS to force field strength or area
Yellow Psyche FEAT roll: Gain +2CS to force field strength or area
Red Psyche FEAT roll: Gain +3CS to force field strength or area
Continuum Control: A now latent “dream power” that is able to manipulate time and space with Unearthly ability.
Power Control/Negation: Marvel Girl can neutralize the powers of Franklin Richards with Class 1000 effect.


She also wears armor capable of firing energy blasts of Incredible strength.


Electronics, Physics


GenerationX, Fantastic Four


Complications with her pregnancy apparently caused Susan Richards, the Invisible Woman of the hero team Fantastic Four, to miscarriage her second child. However, in reality, her son, Franklin Richards, subconsciously used his mutant powers to save the baby, which was taken away and cared for by the extradimensional guardian known as Roma in the heart of Eternity. The time would come when the baby would have to be returned to the Fantastic Four to fulfil a purpose, but when she was returned, she would be presented not as Valeria Richards, but as Valeria Von Doom, an alternate identity as the daughter of Doctor Doom and the Invisible Woman from a possible future.

The Fantastic Four caught their first glimpse of Valeria when on the moon, during an encounter with the alien Ronan the Accuser, where they saw a vision of the possible future from which Valeria was purported to come. Subsequently, while the Fantastic Four were sent on jaunts through numerous other dimensions, Valeria herself arrived at Pier Four, the team’s headquarters at the time. Franklin immediately recognised her from his “special dreams,” and Valeria encountered the Four’s associates Caledonia and Alyssa Moi. Before any explanations could be offered for Valeria’s sudden appearance, the group was attacked in succession by Bounty, an interdimensional bounty hunter targeting Caledonia, and the Bacchäe, servants of the Greek god, Hades. The Bacchäe, seeking retribution for previous interference into their affairs, abducted everyone, taking Caledonia to Hades’ realm. Valeria formulated a rescue plan which went fairly well, until the confrontation with Hades himself. They were rescued by the arrival of the Fantastic Four, Hercules, and Hades’ wife, Persephone. As she laid eyes on Valeria, Sue Richards was shocked by her resemblance to her. Genetic scans implemented by Reed Richards to try and discern Valeria’s identity were inconclusive.

Overhearing Sue’s denial that Valeria was her daughter, Valeria fled Pier Four, and wound up in a confrontation with Titania, the Absorbing Man, and a mind-controlled Thing, Bounty and She-Hulk. The Invisible Woman arrived to save the outmatched Valeria and accepted her into their home. Valeria deduced that the mind control agents used against Bounty, the Thing, and She-Hulk were microbial nanites, and she, Reed and Sue investigated the factory that was their source. They entered a fray at the San Diego Comic Con between the Human Torch, the Mad Thinker’s android, and other nanite-infected heroes of the Avengers. An electromagnetic pulse Valeria helped calibrate rendered the nanites inert, and the masterminds were revealed as the Mad Thinker and the Red Skull, both of whom managed to escape. As a cosmic instability “storm” was bearing down on Earth, Sue sent Franklin to Haven, a safe-house at the end of the universe, to protect him from the danger. Valeria was supposed to go along with him, but avoided boarding the ship during the chaos of the storm. The storm had been exasperated by the return of the long-absent Doctor Doom into this reality and from the Counter-Earth Franklin had created months beforehand. Doom was most amused by Valeria’s profession of being his daughter but quickly warmed to the intelligent girl. In the crypt of the Dreaming Celestial, the alien being who had wrested control of Franklin’s Earth from Ashema, the Celestial in whose care the world had been left, Valeria used her force field to hold off the crypt’s defences, a creature of pure shadow, while Reed and Doom worked to free Ashema. Valeria was consumed by the shadow-creature, but Ashema was successfully freed and defeated the Dreaming Celestial, freeing all those who had been consumed. Afterward, Valeria was sent to Haven.

Valeria and Franklin remained in Haven until the emergence of the cosmic entity known as Abraxas. Franklin foresaw its coming in a dream in which Abraxas killed Valeria. As a result, Valeria and Franklin returned to Earth, but the Fantastic Four had left, journeying into parallel dimensions to search for the Ultimate Nullifier, the only weapon that could stop Abraxas. Valeria and Franklin were attacked by Abraxas himself, but they escaped using Valeria’s time-jumping powers. The two wound up in Roma’s realm, where they learned of Abraxas’s true nature: the counter-force to Eternity who was released into being by the death of the cosmic being known as Galactus. Valeria also learned the secrets of her true origin. Abraxas appropriated the Nullifier once the Four returned, and he also captured Valeria and Franklin, bringing them to Earth. In the ensuing battle between Abraxas and the Fantastic Four, Valeria realised what she had to do– to fulfil the purpose for which she had been saved. Valeria combined her energies with Franklin’s, resurrecting Galactus, who took the Nullifier away from Abraxas. Reed realised the only way to claim victory was to undo all that had happened, to activate the Nullifier. Reed destroyed our reality, allowing it to be born again without Abraxas or any of the events caused by his schemes. Valeria too was wiped from the timeline, but during the period of reality- restructuring, Valeria was returned to the state that she had been in before Franklin had saved her. Sue was pregnant again. Shortly thereafter, the baby was about to be born, although Sue began to experience the same complications as before. Her brother, Johnny, the Human Torch, elicited the help from Doctor Doom, as Reed was unavailable on another adventure.

Doom acted as midwife for the birth, using his scientific talents to successfully deliver the child. When asked what he was expecting as compensation, Doom asked that the child be named Valeria, after his childhood love. Though he secretly whispered more incarnations, making Valeria his magical familar to later strike at the Fantastid Four. While being brought up in the Fantastic Four, Valeria is under the protection of Dr. Doom and if any harm comes to her, then Doom will deal with the attackers personally. Though he never made that promise to her actual family. Now able to focus his sorcery at the Fantastic Four though Valeria, she was nothing more then a pawn to Dr. Doom. Following Dr. Doom’s defeate, Val’s connection with Dr. Doom was broken leaving her a normal child again. While she is loved by her parents, the of Dr. Doom will always loom over her.

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