Fighting Remarkable
Agility Excellent
Strength Excellent
Endurance Remarkable
Reason Typical
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Remarkable

Health 100
Karma 56
Resources Typical
Popularity -10


Regeneration: Remarkable
Recovery: Marrow has an additional heart which gives her Remarkable recovery.
Bone Control: Amazing
Bone Knives: Incredible material strength, Remarkable edge damage
Bone Growth: Amazing, may grow back or back to normal size
Bone Missles: Remarkable edge, fired up to 10 areas


Weapon Specialist: Knives, Leadership


Xmen, Morlocks


Marrow was one of the few Morlocks to survive the Mutant Massacre, rescued by Gambit early on in the battle. But not before she glimpsed Angel in all his glory, just before she watched the Marauders pin him to the wall by his wings and nearly kill him. She held him in her mind as an ideal, always the very perfection that a Morlock could never achieve. Little is still known of her origin beyond that, except that she was born a mutant and somehow pulled out of time, aging many years before returning to this world. Marrow possesses the somewhat horrifying ability to shed her bones and use them as weapons, the bones popping forth directly from the skin as new ones take their place. Recently, she has joined the X-Men, though with great reluctance, her only goal seeming to be the death of Storm. Storm led the Morlocks during the time of the Mutant Massacre, but was too late to save them, managing only to rescue a very few survivors. Marrow has always blamed her for this neglect, and means to see the score settled. Yet, in accordance with Professor Xavier’s dream, she remains a guest at the X-Mansion, despite her attitude.

The X-Men hope that she can perhaps be taught to use her power for the greater good and curb her violent tendencies. Indeed, Wolverine recently tried to teach her a lesson in humility, to show her that she was not as experienced as she thought. She very nearly killed him. Unknown to the X-Men, she often visits the Morlock tunnels, caring for Callisto, the original leader of the band of malformed mutants. It seems that only Callisto’s insistence keeps her at the school.

In light of her recent battle with Wolverine, the X-Men’s hope for her progression has dimmed. But just recently, while visiting Callisto in the Morlock tunnels, she discovered Angel in great distress, on the run from a creature known as the Abomination. She risked her life to save him, though she did want him to see her, to look upon her ugliness. He told her that she was beautiful, inside, and thanked her for her heroic behavior. Her view of herself changed by the encounter, this could be a turning point for the violent woman, pointing her in the direction of true heroism.

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