Fighting Amazing
Agility Amazing
Strength Shift-Z
Endurance Shift-Y
Reason Good
Intuition Incredible
Psyche Amazing

Health 750
Karma 100
Resources Excellent
Popularity -10


True Invulnerability: Unearthly protection from physical and energy attacks.
Mystical Energy Manipulation: Mangog has the Unearthly ability to manipulate vast magical energies for various effects, including projection of concussive force, molecular manipulation of others.
Originally, the Mangog drew his superhuman power from the mystical/psionic energies manifested in the hatred and desire for vengeance felt by others or himself. Later, when disguised as Odin, he sustained himself by the psychic energies of the Asgardians’ strong devotion to Odin.


Mystical Background




Mangog was created when Odin sought to punish a hateful race of beings. Mangog was a container for the hatred of that race, and was imprisoned in an underground cavern by Odin. After a time, the rock troll Ulik found the cavern and freed Mangog. When he was released, Mangog was filled with a hatred for Odin and the desire to destroy Asgard. Unfortunately, Odin was in the midst of his “Odinsleep”, and his adopted son

Loki had assumed the Asgardian throne. When Loki learned of the advancing Mangog, he sent Thor and the Warriors Three to battle the creature. Mangog continued to battle his way past Asgardian forces and eventually entered the city of Asgard. His intent was to drawn the Odinsword from its scabbard, thus signaling the end of the Nine Worlds. Although Loki fled when Mangog approached the Odinsword, Thor and his companions valiantly struggled to stop Mangog. With defeat approaching, Thor created a great storm which wakened Odin from his sleep. Odin then released the spell that manifested Mangog as the embodiment of hatred for an entire race of beings. Mangog disappeared and the race was returned to their planet to live in peace.

Years later, when Loki was banished from Asgard, he released Mangog from imprisonment. Apparently, enough hatred remained in the alien race for Mangog to survive. Since Thor was away from Asgard on a quest, Odin led the defense of Asgard against Mangog. Unable to stop him, Odin used much of his power to transport the entire Asgardian continent to another dimension. When Mangog reached the Odinsword and drew it from its scabbard, the Nine Worlds survived only because Asgard was in another dimension.

Undaunted, Mangog decided that this would not stop him from destroying Asgard entirely. But when he battled Thor, who had returned from his quest, Mangog started shrinking in size. This was apparently because moving Asgard to another dimension had broken the link between Mangog and the race whose hatred he thrived upon. Eventually Mangog shrank to nothingness as he consumed his remaining energy. The Odinsword was placed back into its scabbard and Asgard returned back to its dimension.

But Mangog was apparently not dead yet. When the evil Igron was sentenced by Odin to the dungeons of Asgard, he came across Mangog still alive, but the size of a mouse. Using magical powers he had learned from Loki, Igron was able to drain a small portion of power from each Asgardian in order to restore Mangog to his full size. Since Odin had left Asgard recently and his whereabout were unknown, Igron transformed Mangog’s appearance into that of Odin. Under the guise of Odin, Mangog seized control of Asgard with Igron as
his chief advisor. Soon Odin’s ruthless behavior led many Asgardians to believe that Odin had gone insane. Balder the Brave fled to Earth to warn Thor of Odin’s madness and they returned to Asgard with the Warriors Three. When Thor returned to Asgard, Odin (Mangog) had his throne placed atop the Odinsword. When he was alone with Thor, Mangog revealed his true identity and defeated Thor. With Thor defeated and Odin missing, Mangog felt there was no need to continue his ruse. He killed Igron now that his usefulness had ended. With Igron dead, the illusion of Odin was lifted from Mangog and his true identity was revealed to all. This was his fatal error; he was now drawing his power from the loyalty of Asgardians, which was maintained by his illusion as Odin. Before Mangog could reach the Odinsword, he faded away into nothingness as his support from Asgardians disappeared.

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