Fighting Feeble
Agility Feeble
Strength Feeble
Endurance Unearthly
Reason Excellent
Intuition Monstrous
Psyche Monstrous

Health 106
Karma 170
Resources Not Applicable
Popularity -10


Energy being: Malice is a being of pure thought without physical form. In energy form, Malice can only be hurt by attacks with the same type of energy of which Malice is composed (discovering this would be a power stunt of Monstrous intensity for an energy manipulator such as Captain Marvel or a scientist such as Reed Richards).
Phasing: Having no corporeal form, Malice can walk through physical objects
Self Sustenance: Malice and has no need to eat, breathe, or sleep.
Possession: Malice can merge with the mind of another sentient creature with monstrous ability. The possession enhances the dark side of the targets personality. The possessed person suddenly wears a necklace composed of psionic energy with a woman’s picture on it. The victim is fully aware of Malice’s actions, yet unable to intervene.
Telepathy: Malice has Remarkable telepathic powers.
Possession: Malice has Monstrous psychic ability to possess a human host and force his or her persona into submission. The target must make an Intuition FEAT to avoid the assault; Malice’s typical method is to present herself in a mirror and offer a better life to the victim through evil or selfish means. The victim doubts his or her sanity, or comes to think of Malice as the dark side of consciousness. Should the victim fall prey to these desires, the possession should be considered a blindsiding attack, and no karma may be added to the roll. Malice uses her telepathic abilities to make the temptation more convincing. Once the victim is possessed, Malice uses the possessed target’s memories and abilities as desired. Malice feeds by forcing the host to perform evil actions, gaining an equal number of Health or Karma as the host loses by doing evil deeds. Malice does not kill unless in danger of losing the host body; she cannot assimilate this much rapidly lost karma.


Malice is unable to manipulate the physical world except by possessing an individual.
Malice may be attacked by mental means, and this form of attack may drive the her out of a host body.




Marauders, Mr Sinister


Malice’s true name, background, and even sex are unknown. A faithful servant of Mr. Sinister, Malice first gained prominence by possessing Alison Blaire, the Dazzler.

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