Hurricane, Mercury, Adam Clayton

Fighting Excellent
Agility Amazing
Strength Amazing
Endurance Amazing
Reason Remarkable
Intuition Remarkable
Psyche Remarkable

Health 170
Karma 90
Resources Remarkable
Popularity 0


Invulnerability: Makkari has Class 1000 resistance against cold, disease, electricity, energy, heat, radiation, and toxin attacks. He does not age. He can still be affected by Stun and Slam effects as well as Kill results. Kill results are only effective if they scatter his atoms over more than six areas.
Cosmic Energy Manipulation: Makkari can manipulate cosmic energy with Excellent ability, projecting Excellent beams of force, heat, or light from her eyes.
Metabolism Boost: By bolstering his metabolism with cosmic energy, he does not tire from exertion.
Hyper-Running: Makkari can use Cosmic energy to boost his running speed to Class 5000 speed.
Tidal Wave: By running over water, Makkari can generate a tidal wave that does Monstrous damage to anything it strikes up to 4 areas ahead of it. He can make the waves as wide as he wishes.
Flight: Makkari can fly at Shift-Y airspeeds (100 areas/ round).
Illusion Generation: Makkari can generate Excellent illusions to change his appearance.
Matter Transmutation: Makkari can transmute non living matter with Excellent ability.
Telekinesis: Makkari can telekinetically manipulate objects with Excellent strength.
Teleportation: At Shift-Z rank, he can teleport up to 400 areas away, but he must make a red Psyche FEAT roll to do so without becoming paralyzed with pain for 1-10 rounds at her destination. No karma can be spent on these rolls.
Uni-Mind: Makkari, like all Eternals, can join the Uni-Mind.


Piloting, Repair/ Tinkering (Vehicles only)


Eternals, Doctor Druid


Makkari is a member of Olympia’s Technologists’ Guild. Despite being taught his philosophy by Plato, Makkari is not a great genius, and lacks patience. His love of speed and motion, though having led to some of the swiftest vehicles the Eternals have, has also made Makkari overly impulsive, and many Eternals do not take him seriously. He sometimes wears a protective crash helmet, though he does not truly need it.

Makkari has involved himself in Earth’s affairs more often than most Eternals. When Sersi was present in Rome during “Nero’s big bonfire”, he went there to rescue her. He once spent some time as the charioteer of Darius, the governor of Persia from 548-485 A.D. He has also claimed to have witnessed some of earth’s greatest horrors- including the Trojan War, the reign of the Romanian Vlad the Impaler, and the Alamo. In the 1940s, Zuras assigned Makkari to earth, and under the alias “Hurricane”, as well as many others, he fought Kro, and later, Mutates, often alongside the Monster Hunters. Later on, he met the young rocker Elvis Presley, and taught him a few tricks with the guitar.

Makkari was among the Eternals who introduced themselves to the students at City College during the 4th Host. Makkari also fought Hermes during this time, a god he has often been mistaken for. Following the departure of most of the Eternals, Makkari assumed Domo’s role as chief technologist, but was not entirely successful in this pursuit. He accompanied Ikaris in his battles against the Deviants at this time, and participated in the defeat of Ghaur. Still wishing to gain more speed, Makkari spent 2 years meditating with Master Elo, who taught him how to open up his ability to run, while decreasing many of his other abilities. After Master Elo was captured by the Deviants, Makkari got the aid of Quasar in rescuing him, and the two became friends for a long time. During this period, Makkari worked in Quasar’s office under the alias “Mike Khary” and shared an apartment with Quasar. After being separated from Quasar during a mission in space, Makkari learnt of an animal-like race on the planet Grosgumbeek, and gained more insight into speed. With this insight, he participated in a race against the Runner, one of the Elders of the Universe, and won. However, he found that the new technique was flawed- he had become so fast that he could no longer move in synch with the rest of the universe for hours at a time. He ultimately gave up racing, and spent a time journeying through space with another runner, Fastforward. When Maelstrom briefly returned to life, he attempted to seize more power by draining the kinetic energy from Makkari, even though he was light-years away, but the Eternals on earth defeated him.

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