Fighting Monstrous
Agility Unearthly
Strength Unearthly
Endurance Shift-Z
Reason Monstrous
Intuition Unearthly
Psyche Unearthly

Health 775
Karma 275
Resources Not Applicable
Popularity 0


Shape-changing: Magus is a “techno-organic” metamorph, able to alter his shape into any form he desires. His height has varied between 6 feet and 45 million nautical miles (the latter only when he is not near any gravitational fields). He can extend any portion of his body, including optical sensors, up to 10 areas away from his main trunk. He can modify his Amazing material strength body to form plugs, supports, and vehicles (even spaceships); he can change himself into anything. He has Unearthly control over these changes. Portions of Magus’s body may be destroyed or shredded (Incredible material strength if shredded), and he may regrow that part in normal healing.
Holographic Projection: Magus can project images of any object in his memory banks to a distance of up to 20 areas away. The only way to “disbelieve” these images is to touch them.
Cloaking: Magus has a Class 1000 cloak against all forms of electronic tracking, psionics, or physical tracking powers or talents. It is unknown if this affects magical tracking.
Form Change: Magus can assume the form of anything that is organic or mechanical. He has Amazing skill at copying specific humans.
Conversion and Draining: Magus can heal himself by touching his victims, which alters their DNA structure with the techno-organic virus, converting it into an organism like himself. The amount of Health gained depends on the source (Health of living creatures, material strength of objects, or Judge’s discretion). He performs this conversion as a FEAT roll vs. Unearthly intensity.
Stellar Travel: Magus has Cllass 3000 speed traveling through space.
Limited Telepathy: Magus has Incredible Telepathy for the purposes of learning a new language from a planet’s native. It takes five rounds to learn the language.






The Magus is apparently the ruler of the planet Technarch in an unspecified location in outer space. This planet’s dominant species, the Technarchy, is a sentient form of “techno-organic” life, which resembles machinery in various ways. Parents of this race give birth to great numbers of offspring, although the process of birth is apparently very different for them than it is for Earth’s life forms. Each child of the Magus must face him in combat to the death before the child has achieved adulthood. One of the Magus’ sons, who became known as the second Warlock, fled his native world to avoid the combat which is connected with the process of succession, but he was pursued through space by the Magus himself.

Warlock landed on Earth near Professor Charles Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, sensing the artificial intelligence of the alien Shi’ar computers located there. Warlock soon became a member of Xavier’s team of superhuman teens known as the New Mutants.

Shortly thereafter, the Magus came to Earth in upper New York State, still searching for Warlock. There he encountered and battled Colossus, Nightcrawler, and Rogue, three members of the X-Men, the mutant team who, like the New Mutants, are based at Xavier’s school. Despite the Magus’s vast power, the three X-Men managed to cause him pain. The Magus called off the battle and departed, warning the X-Men to turn Warlock over to him or else he would wreak destruction upon the Earth.

The Magus decided to avoid conflict on Earth, considering that many high-powered entities were interested in it. Instead, Magus chose the extradimensional Limbo as his battleground, and infected S’ym, the demonic henchman of New Mutant member Magik, with the techno-organic virus. Magik defeated S’ym’s revolt, and the New Mutants battled Magus alongside the space pirates Starjammers. In this battle, Doug Ramsey managed to decode Magus’s genetic structure, and devolved him into a Technarch youth. He was sent back to the Technarch homeworld to be reared once again.

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