Magik II

Magik II
Jimaine Szardos, Amanda Sefton

Fighting Good
Agility Good
Strength Typical
Endurance Remarkable
Reason Good
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Amazing

Health 56
Karma 80
Resources Good
Popularity 0



Magic: Amanda Sefton is a sorceress of Amazing ability with the following known spells:

Teleportation: Amazing
Flight: Excellent
Mystic Shields: Amazing
Mystic Restraints: Amazing
Mystic Bolts: Amazing
Shapechange self or other: Incredible
Control Elements: Remarkable
Exorcism: Amazing


Soulsword: Amanda can automatically summon a soulsword, a physical manifestation of her magical powers. The Soulsword can be used only by a character it is bonded to. It can be bonded to a character if Illyana wishes it so. If someone wants to master the sword without her permission on opposed Psyche FEAT must be made. Both must make a Psyche FEAT against the other characters Psyche, and if both succeed the highest roll wins. (no karma, the rule of impossible FEAT’s is in effect). There are some effects that may alter a characters Psyche rank for this roll:
Effect Bonus
Previous Owner +1CS
Mystic Background +1CS
Limbo Resident +1CS
Magik or Kitty Pryde +2CS
The sword may be stored into nothingness by the wielder and summoned when needed. The sword inflicts Monstrous edged damage on any magical creature. It is also one of the few things that can hit Kitty Pryde when out of phase for Excellent edged damage. It doesn’t inflict damage on non-magical characters but unless they are aware of this they must make a Intuition FEAT vs. Incredible intensity or be stunned for 1-10 rounds, believing to have suffered a mortal wound. On most intelligent people this will work only for the first attack. If the sword strikes a magically controlled, possessed or transformed item or character this magic will be dispelled with Unearthly ability.

Mechanical or metallic targets are -2CS to be affected by her spells.


Mystic Background, Occult Lore, Stewardess


X-men, Nightcrawler, Excalibur, Muir Islanders


Amanda Sefton is actually Jimaine Szardos, the daughter of a powerful sorceress known as Margali Szardos. Margali also had a son, Stefan, and she took in the orphaned Kurt Wagner (who would one day become Nightcrawler of the hero team X-Men). Margali raised the children in a small Bavarian circus, where she pretended to be a simple fortune teller. While Kurt worked on becoming a circus performer, Margali trained Jimaine in magic. The brooding Stefan eventually left the circus to make his own way in life.

The small circus was taken over by a rich Texas millionaire, who ordered Kurt to be placed in the freak sideshow. The anguished Kurt quit the circus and headed toward Winzeldorf, West Germany, where Stefan lived. There Kurt discovered that Stefan had gone mad and killed two children, and after confronting him, Stefan was killed in an accident. Civilians blamed Kurt for all the deaths and was rescued by the mutant leader Professor X, who asked Kurt to join his new team of X-Men in America.

Margali blamed Kurt for Stefan’s death. Jimaine, who had long ago fallen in love with Kurt, followed him to America and watched over him secretly. She became an airline stewardess under the name Amanda Sefton, and arranged to accidentally meet Kurt. She mystically disguised herself so he would not recognize her, and they began dating each other regularly.

Margali eventually took her revenge on Kurt by exiling him to a pocket dimension she had created. The dimension resembled hell as depicted in Dante’s Inferno. Amanda, pretending to be Margali, kidnapped Kurt’s fellow X-Men and the sorcerer Doctor Strange. Amanda then sent them to the same dimension that Margali had sent Kurt, hoping that they would be able to help Kurt. Kurt finally confronted Margali in this pocket universe and convinced her of his innocence. Amanda then revealed her true identity to Kurt.

Later, Amanda Sefton heard a rumor that Dr. Strange needed a new apprentice, because Clea had left him. She went to Strange and asked to become his new apprentice, as did every crackpot in the world who heard about the rumor. Strange arranged for all the petitioners to meet at one spot, where he told them that he currently had no wish to take on an apprentice. Amanda’s mother, Margali Szardos, appeared and attacked Strange. Margali was angered that Strange had refused to take on her daughter as an apprentice. Strange and Margali battled on the astral plane, bringing Amanda and the others with them. Ultimately, Margali was defeated and Strange returned everyone to the physical plane.

Amanda continued her relationship with Kurt as well her career as an airline stewardess, while she ignored her magical studies. When the mystical aliens Dire Wraiths invaded the skyscraper headquarters of the mutant inventor Forge in Dallas, Amanda helped drive the Wraiths off. Amanda and Kurt kept seeing each other for a long time, but they finally parted as friends.

Recently, Amanda was contacted by the then-government team Freedom Force about an invasion of the mutant research facility Muir Island by the cybernetic villains, the Reavers. Amanda joined Freedom Force and other X-associates in successfully defending the island, but ultimately were captured under the mental influence of the Shadow King. After months of being controlled by the Shadow King, Amanda and the inhabitants of Muir Island were freed by the combined efforts of Professor X, the X-Men, and their allies X-Factor.

After some time, Amanda visited Nightcrawler and his allies, the hero team Excalibur, who were based on Muir Island. She joined them on occasional adventures, taking the code name Daytripper.

At one point, Amanda helped Excalibur teammate Shadowcat defeat two sorcerers who were bent on obtaining the mystic Soulsword that Shadowcat had “inherited” from her deceased friend, Illyana Rasputin. The Soulsword was the embodiment of mystical powers of the otherdimensional realm of Limbo to which Illyana once ruled. Amanda gave the sword to Margali, bonding it to her for safekeeping, unaware that Margali would then use the sword for her own villainous purposes. Margali killed the sorcerers ahead of her on the “winding way,” a magical discipline, and set herself up as Red Queen of London’s world-conquering Hellfire Club, only to be captured by Limbo’s then-ruler, Belasco, who took the Soulsword.

Amanda’s mind was mystically switched with Margali’s from her mother’s mystic prison. With the help of Nightcrawler, Margali in Amanda’s body rescued Amanda’s mind in Margali’s tortured body. The three then defeated Belasco and reversed the mind switch, but the Soulsword seemed lost. With both Belasco and Margali fleeing Limbo, Amanda realizes that she is the only magician left and thus forced to become Limbo’s guardian, including the ownership of the Soulsword.

After some time in Limbo Amanda came to accept the task of becoming its ruler and changed her name to Magik to confuse foes who might cast magical spells against her under the assumption she was Illyana. During a recent battle with Belasco again, Amanda revealed her new identity to the X-Men.

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