Magik I

Magik I
Illyana Rasputin, Darkchilde

Fighting Excellent
Agility Good
Strength Good
Endurance Incredible
Reason Good
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Amazing

Health 80
Karma 80
Resources Incredible
Popularity 0


Teleport Discs: Magik has the Amazing ability to control and summon the teleportation discs common in Limbo. She uses them to teleport to Limbo and then instantly to any other location. She must however make a Psyche FEAT otherwise she can be displaced in place or even in time. When the roll is failed a second roll must be made:
01 – 50 1d10 x 10 yards distance
51 – 75 1d10 x 100 yards distance
75 – 90 1d10 hours
91 – 99 1d10 days
00 1d10 years
Magik can teleport up to about 10 people and unwilling targets may attempt to dodge. She can also use her discs to summon 1d10 demons from Limbo.
Psi-Screen: Monstrous protection vs psionic attacks, mind-control and other telepathic abilities.
Soulsword: Illyana can automatically summon a soulsword, a physical manifestation of her magical powers. The Soulsword can be used only by a character it is bonded to. It can be bonded to a character if Illyana wishes it so. If someone wants to master the sword without her permission on opposed Psyche FEAT must be made. Both must make a Psyche FEAT against the other characters Psyche, and if both succeed the highest roll wins. (no karma, the rule of impossible FEAT’s is in effect). There are some effects that may alter a characters psyche rank for this roll:
Effect Bonus
Previous Owner +1CS
Mystic Background +1CS
Limbo Resident +1CS
Magik or Kitty Pryde +2CS
The sword may be stored into nothingness by the wielder and summoned when needed. The sword inflicts Monstrous edged damage on any magical creature. It is also one of the few things that can hit Kitty Pryde when out of phase for Excellent edged damage. It doesn’t inflict damage on non-magical characters but unless they are aware of this they must make a Intuition FEAT vs. Incredible intensity or be stunned for 1-10 rounds, believing to have suffered a mortal wound. On most intelligent people this will work only for the first attack. If the sword strikes a magically controlled, possessed or transformed item or character this magic will be dispelled with Unearthly ability.

Body Armor: If Magik uses her soulsword or magic in combat, a shining magical body armor appears on her providing Excellent protection increasing +1CS each time she uses her magic or soulsword to a maximum of Monstrous

Magic: Magik was Sorceress Supreme of Limbo.

On Earth she could summon her Soulsword and she had the Monstrous ability to project her astral self or detect magical auras. In Limbo she could cast most spells at Amazing level and the following spells at listed level:

Imitation: Monstrous
Mind Control: Unearthly
Magic Detection: Unearthly
Scrying: Unearthly
Body Transformation- Others: Unearthly
Eldritch Beams: Monstrous
Ensnaring: Unearthly
Fire Control: Monstrous
Magic Shields: Monstrous
Darkchilde: A manifestation of her dark side Magik could change into the Darkchilde when performing an evil act. The ultimate form was assumed during the Inferno. Her stats were affected as with the armor connected to her sword and she could use all spells on Earth as well.


Student, Mystic Background, Bilingual, Weapon Specialist: Soulsword


Colossus, Xmen, New Mutants, Exiles


Illyana was the younger sister of the X-Man Colossus. Her powers first manifested when she was kidnapped by Arcade. She escaped by opening a portal that took her to Limbo where she encountered Belasco. The X-Men followed Illyana, and attempted to escape with her. The portal had almost closed by the time they had left, and Illyana emerged from the portal as a 14-year old girl (due to time accelerating at a different rate in Limbo). During the years she had spent in Limbo, Illyana was taught in the arts of black magic. Illyana joined the New Mutants and took the codename Magik.

What she didn’t know was that each time she used her magic it was bringing her dark side to the surface. This dark side eventually manifested as the Darkchylde during Inferno, but just as everyone thought she had died she returned as the young girl she was before entering Limbo. Returned to Russia, she was again brought back to the US after her parents were murdered, where it was revealed she had contracted the Legacy Virus of which she was the first recorded mutant victim. It has since been revealed that her brother Mikhail, when he travelled back in time to attempt to stop Illyana’s death, was the one that actually infected Illyana with the Legacy Virus.

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