Frances Kane

Fighting Good
Agility Excellent
Strength Typical
Endurance Amazing
Reason Excellent
Intuition Remarkable
Psyche Excellent

Health 86
Karma 70
Resources Typical
Popularity 0


Magnetic Manipulation: Magenta manipulates iron and iron based alloys with Monstrous ability. She has used the following power stunts.
Inflict Unearthly damage to sentient iron based or alloyed characters
Scrambling non sentient machinery with Monstrous ability
Inflict Monstrous damage to mechanical constructs
Manipulate ferrous objects with Monstrous strength
Attack by throwing metallic objects with Monstrous accuracy. Material strength damage.
Ensnare an opponent with metal objects.
Flight: She can manipulate magnetic forces enabling her to attain flight at Remarkable airspeed
Force Field: Monstrous, Incredible at 1 area and -1CS each additional area.
Magnetic Detection: Incredible ability to detect teleporting, invisible or illusions witha Yellow feat.




Wally West


Frances Kane met Wally West when he was seven. They grew up friends, but when she reached adulthood, she started to exhibit strange magnetic powers. Wally tried teaching her how to use them properly, and they fell in love. As for her powers, she never really wanted them, wanting just to lead a normal life. For a while, she did serve the Titans as the super-heroine Magenta.

She and Wally West were seeing each other for awhile, shortly after Wally had taken up the mantle of the Flash. She helped hiim battle Vandal Savage. After he won the lottery, he bought a mansion in Middle Hampton, Long Island, and asked her to live with him. However, things were moving too fast for her, and she moved out.

She re-surfaced much later, interupting an important Central City Stars baseball game to get Wally’s attention. Because of her powers, she had apparently built a dark personality for herself, complete with twisted memories of her time with Wally. After a battle in the stadium, Wally managed to convince her that he still had feelings for her, restoring her to her normal self.

Meanwhile, Wally, with the help of old friends Starfire and Nightwing, had been flushing the technomob Combine out of Keystone City. As a going away present, they had randomly transported a bomb somewhere in the city. Wally knew that their transportation system created great electromagnetic fields, fields that he knew Frances would be able to pick up. Once they found the bomb, however, Frances wasn’t strong enough to pick up. Wally was forced to enrage her, like she was at the baseball stadium, to give her the strength to get rid of the bomb. After this event, they came to terms that their relationship was over, and she left.

However, she did return, in a much nastier state of mind, to Keystone City. Wally had heard from the Titans that she had already been bother them. She used her powers to send a giant rig driving crazily throught the city, constructed a magnetic forcefield to keep Wally out. She grabbed Linda, who was reporting the mayhem, and drew her into the forcefield. Since all Wally could do was remove obstacles in the path of the truck, it was up to Linda to make Frances realize that Wally was not responsible for her decisions, for who she was. In the nick of time, just before the truck was about to fall into a quarry, Frances let down the forcefield and Wally got them to safety. Frances disappeared.

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