Fighting Good
Agility Excellent
Strength Good
Endurance Excellent
Reason Typical
Intuition Remarkable
Psyche Remarkable

Health 60
Karma 66
Resources Poor
Popularity 0


Regeneration and Recovery: Madcap has Shift-Y Regeneration and Recovery Powers, and is able to regain 20 points of health in a single round. Madcap cannot be slain, and may attempt to regain lost Endurance by a FEAT roll every ten rounds. Stun results against him are considered Slams and, considering his Recovery abilities, Madcap never spends Karma to make Endurance FEAT rolls.
Emotion control: Madcap has a specialized form of emotion control that operates at Unearthly level. To make this form of emotional attack Madcap must make eye contact with his target (to this end he wears garish cothing and uses “weapons” such as a bubble gun to attract attention). The target must make an Intuition FEAT, with failure resulting in the character acting crazy for 10 rounds plus 1-10 rounds. In game terms, inform players that their characters are pleasantly looney, and award Karma for good role-playing. While under the effecs of Madcap’s Power, the affected heroes may not engage in combat, but may find themselves in dangerous situations as a result of their actions (tap-dancing up the on-ramp of an interstate may prove perilous). If the character succeeds with the FEAT, he is still light-headed and performs all FEATS at -1CS for the next 1-10 rounds.


Bubble gun: This is an ordinary bubble gun with no special properties, which Madcap uses to call attention to himself. He lets people believe it is the bubbles that cause looney behavior.






Madcap gained his Powers when the church bus he was riding was rammed by an AIM tanker truck containing Compound X07. Hurled clear of the explosion, he was the sole survivor of the crash, a fact which shattered his belief in a rational universe. He was driven deeper into insanity by the discovery he was resistant to pain and could recover instantly. Dressing himslef in gaudy clothes, Madcap set out to prove that things happen without cause and effect, there is no justice or reason, and everyone should be mad as a March hare.

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