Identity: None

Fighting Remarkable
Agility Remarkable
Strength Good
Endurance Excellent
Reason Typical
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Remarkable

Health 90
Karma 66
Resources Typical
Popularity 6

Probability Manipulation: Longshot can manipulate the probability fields to his advantage. Any percentile dice roll is read as the high die first. If the character makes a roll containing a 0 the judge should secretly roll a d10. The number rolled is the die roll which will have bad luck, meaning the lowest number is read first. So should the Judge roll 4 the fourth roll after the FEAT with a 0 will be bad luck, this will also affect Longshot’s companions. If Longshot would loose faith in his ability his luck will run bad until he succeeds in a Red Psyche FEAT.
Aura Reading: Incredible ability to read thoughts and emotions imprinted on an object. He may sometimes even read future emotions or thoughts.
Hollow Bones: Longshot’s bones are hollow as a bird, he recieves -2CS penalty on rolls checking for slams however damage from falls is reduced by -2CS.

Throwing Blades: 30 knives which can do Good edged damage and are made of Remarakble material. He usually uses them to score bullseye effects.


Acrobatics, Tumbling, Martial Arts A and E, Throwing Knives, Jetpacks


X-Men, Dazzler, Quark, Doctor Strange, Ricochet Rita, Mojoverse Rebels, Arize, X-Men, Wildways Rebellion


Longshot was a slave to Mojo, a synthetic humanoid grown in a machine, but gifted with free will. It was this free will which caused him to rebel against Mojo, starting a revolution againt the tyrant. When he arrived on earth, it was with fragmented memories of who he was, and he was chased by several creatures from the world he left behind. He spent time as a stunt man, his incredible good luck gifting him with the ability to pull off stunts that no one else could. He found that his luck ran out though, whenever his motives became anything less than good, and that it would then turn against him. It was during one of these bouts of bad luck that he nearly died while performing a stunt, and the movie director had his “body” dumped. He was not dead, though. On the run from Spiral and several other demonlike creatures, Longshot, with the help of Doctor Strange and Ricochet Rita, defeated Mojo’s plans of ruling the earth and sent the tyrant back to his own dimension. Longshot also returned home, with Ricochet Rita, to continue his fight for freedom within Mojoworld.

He resurfaced on earth some time later, his memories fragmented once again, earning a punch in the head from an angry She-Hulk and generally being chased about in confusion. He met up with the X-Men, and shortly afterward, joined their ranks at their invitation. Longshot’s incredible luck proved a valuable asset to the team, and he fought alongside them with as much, perhaps even more, courage as anyone else. His hollow bones made his agility and lightness of foot inhuman, and he provided more than one speedy rescue to a falling maiden. Longshot was adored by all the ladies, his child-like innocence and good looks making him irresistable. It was Dazzler who claimed his heart though, but even she could not save him from the ghosts of his past. He discovered that Spiral had once been his wife before his departure to this world, and that he had been the leader of a revolution on his homeworld. Unable to remember more than fragments of his life before the X-Men, he was moved to return home once again, searching for clues of his past and leaving Dazzler behind.

He returned to earth sometime later, rescuing Dazzler from certain death in the nick of time, and bringing her back to his world. When last the X-Men saw the two of them, Mojo was slain and Dazzler was pregnant with his child, who is believed to be Shatterstar, a member of X-Force. Longshot’s whereabouts are currently unknown, but one can assume that he still resides in a now peaceful Mojoworld with Dazzler.

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