Living Mummy

Living Mummy

Fighting Excellent
Agility Poor
Strength Remarkable
Endurance Monstrous
Reason Typical
Intuition Typical
Psyche Good

Health 129
Karma 22
Resources Not Applicable
Popularity -10


Body Resistance: N’Kantu possesses Remarkable body armor.
Self Sustenance: Living Mummy does not need to eat, drink, breath, or sleep. In addtion he no longer ages but can be killed


Being dehydrated, the Living Mummy suffers +1CS to all Heat and Flame attacks.
N’Kantu has great difficulty speaking, due to the dryness of his throat.






N’Kantu was a chieftain of the Swarili tribe of North Africa over three thousand years ago, when they were enslaved by the Egyptians. Bound in chains, N’Kantu and his people were forced to build a temple for the reigning pharaoh, Aram-Set. N’Kantu obeyed his captors, all the while ploting rebellion against them. When word of his plans reached Aram-Set and the high priest, Nephrus, they decided to have the slaves killed upon the temple’s completion But N’Kantu and his followers struck before then and were able to slay the pharaoh himself before being subdued. To punish N’Kantu for his crime, Nephrus drained the Swarili chieftain’s blood and replaced it with a special preservative fluid. He was then bound head to toe in bandages and entombed in a sarcophagus beneath the sand, still conscious but completely immobile.

There N’Kantu remained until recent years when the paralysis effects wore off and he could at last move. Unfortunatly the three millenia he spent beneath the desert rendered him totally insane. Digging free of his tomb, N’Kantu went on a ramage which finally ended in the streets of Cairo. N’Kantu grabbed a telephone pole to use as a weapon and was electrocuted by a dangling power line. This left him in a comalike state for several weeks; upon awakening, his sanity had returned. Immortal, N’Kantu now wanders across Egypt and North Africa, seeking some purpose to his life.

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