Living Laser

Living Laser
Arthur Parks

Fighting Good
Agility Good
Strength Shift-0
Endurance Excellent
Reason Poor
Intuition Typical
Psyche Typical

Health 40
Karma 14
Resources Not Applicable
Popularity -10


Body Transformation-Self (Light): The Living Laser’s physical body is now permanently destroyed and his mind resides in a laser energy form with the following powers:
Flight: The Living Laser flies at Class 3000 air speed(speed of Light).
Illusion: the Laser’s Feeble illusion allows him to maintain the appearance of his human form but not its solidity.
Laser Beam: He can fire Monstrous intensity laser beams to the maximum range of 40 areas. This energy attack damage is also released upon contact with the Laser’s energy form.
Light: The Living Laser can generate Monstrous intensity light. Yellow or better endurance feat rolls are needed to avoid being blinded for 1-10 rounds.


Electronics, Laser technology and Repair/Tinkering




Arthur Parks was a brilliant research scientist who invented small but very powerful laser guns that he could wear on his wrists. He first clashed with the Avengers and developed a crush on the Wasp and began wreaking havoc on New York in an attempt to impress her. He eventually went to jail, but soon busted free with the assistance of the Mandarin. Parks miniaturized his lasers and had a large array of them implanted in his body to become a “true” living laser. Count Nefaria subjected the Laser to a treatment which greatly enhanced his powers, but only temporarily. It was a ruse by the Count to acquire the Laser’s powers himself.

A side effect of Nefaria’s scheme was that Parks could not shut off his own laser energy. He apparently “died” in battle with Iron Man after he “overloaded”, but he actually only reverted to a sentient energy being. He reappeared years later completely disoriented, and was captured by Tony and Rhodey in armor together. Later, Parks took on the form as the “ghost” of the Titanium Man and revealed that the current Iron Man of the time was indeed the same as the one before the “Armor Wars”. Parks was finally defeated by Jim Rhodes in his role as Iron Man, Rhodes convinced Parks to become an employee of Stark Enterprises but realized he was just too dangerous. James Rhodes lured the Living Lasor into the focusing chamber of a wide-beam laser aimed at the Andromeda Galaxy, and activated it sending Arthur Parks into space.

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