Daughter of Dracula

Fighting Excellent
Agility Incredible
Strength Remarkable
Endurance Unearthly
Reason Good
Intuition Incredible
Psyche Amazing

Health 190
Karma 100
Resources Good
Popularity -20


Immortality: Thanks to the gypsy spell that gave Lilith her vampiric aspect, Lilith is now virtually immortal. Even if her body is destroyed, her mind can inhabit any ‘innocent’ woman that wanted her father dead. This perk lasted as long as Dracula, himself, was alive. So, the only way to truly slay Lilith is to first kill Dracula himself, and then hunt down and destroy Lilith’s body. Otherwise, she will always return to cause trouble another day.
Regeneration: Regardless of the body she’s inhabiting, Lilith possesses Excellent regeneration.
Body Transformation: Lilith has the power to change her form as listed here:
Mists: Lilith could fly at Feeble speed, and could ‘leak’ through tiny cracks and openings. Lilith could transform some of her body into mist, instead of all of it.
Normal-Sized Bat: Lilith could Fly at Poor speed, and could make Poor Edged Attacks.
Vampire Bite: Lilith doesn’t have to feed upon blood, but she does like to. This bite does Typical Edged Attack damage and injects vampiric ichor that, if the victim dies of blood loss, will force him to rise anew as a vampire in three days time.
Weather Control: making a Red Psyche FEAT roll, Lilith can induce several changes in local weather patterns, such as thick fog, lightning, snow, rain, etc… Such changes are very draining, and prevent Lilith from using any other vampiric powers for 1d10 hours.
Hypnosis: Lilith can hypnotize mere mortals by making eye contact with them. This is the only action she can perform in a turn, and victims are allowed a Psyche FEAT against Amazing intensity to resist. If successful, hypnotized victims will do anything short of suicide.
Summoning: Lilith can, with a successful Psyche FEAT roll, summon her Psyche rank number in bats, rats, mice, dogs, or wolves, which will obey her every command.
Telepathy: Lilith can communicate with anyone she has bitten telepathically, with global range. This worked whether the victim was still mortal, or has risen as a vampire from death.


Since Lilith’s vampirism was imparted upon her by a gypsy spell, and not by a vampire, Lilith is immune to most of the standard vampiric weaknesses (direct sunlight, holy symbols, garlic, and needing to rest during the day time). However, she was still vulnerable to wooden stakes through the heart. Staking a vampire requires at least a partial hold, and then a Red attack on the Edged Attack table with the wooden stake. This would destroy Lilith’s current body.


Occult Lore


Lilith has no known contacts. She is opposed to the efforts of Dracula and Doctor Strange.


Lilith was the daughter of Vlad Dracula, who was the son of the former voivode (prince) of the Romanian principality of Wallachia, and who later became the notorious vampire Dracula, and of Dracula’s first wife Zofia, a noblewoman of the Hungarian court. Dracula wed Zofia unwillingly sometime between the years 1451 and 1456 A.D., doing so solely because the marriage had been arranged many years before by his late father. Lilith was born within a year of the marriage. One year after the wedding, Dracula ordered Zofia to take Lilith and leave him forever, or else he would have her impaled. Dracula intended that she and Lilith would live out the rest of their lives in humiliating poverty. Zofia gave Lilith. to an old gypsy woman named Gretchin to raise, and then committed suicide.

In 1469 Dracula was transformed into a vampire by the gypsy Lianda. In revenge, Dracula murdered many gypsies, including Gretchin’s son Ami. Gretchin then took her owm vengeance by casting a spell that transformed the child Lilith into an adult vampire. Gretchin made Lilith immune to the effects that may destroy other vampires and enchanted her such that Lilith gained a type of serial immortality. Gretchin intended that Lilith be Dracula’s eternal nemesis; in her spell she stated that Lilith would continue to exist on until Dracula was finally destroyed.

Lilth’s motivation throughout the centuries of her existence was to destroy Dracula in retaliation for his abandonment of her and for the death of her mother. At first Lilith attacked humans for their blood indiscriminately, driven by the vampire’s animalistic lusts. Eventually, however, she learned to control her bloodlust to a large degree, and chose usually to attack only those humans whom she believed were evil enough to deserve such a fate. So it was that Lilith came to want to punish Dracula for all the harm he had wreaked on innocent people over the centuries as well.

After centuries of battling her father, Lilith and Dracula reached a truce about a century ago and agreed never to see each other again. A little over thirty years ago, however, they met again at the estate of Quincy Harker, Dracula’s longtime nemesis, on the night that Harker’s wife Elizabeth killed herself from fear of Dracula. That same night Harker took his revenge by killing Lilith.

Lilith’s spirit wandered through the British Isles for over three decades in search of an innocent woman who wanted her father dead. Finally, one night in Northern Ireland, a Catholic named Martin O’Hara learned that his daughter Angel had secretly married a Protestant named Ted Hannigan a year before, and was now pregnant by him. Martin O’Hara first struck Angel, and then hit Hannigan. who struck his head so hard on falling that he died. At that moment Angel felt a murderous hatred of her father, and Lilith’s spirit entered into her, and transformed her body into Lilith’s own vampiric form. Lilith was now in control of the body and she killed Martin O’Hara.

From then on Lilith’s spirit resided in Angel’s body, sometimes influencing Angel’s actions without her knowledge, and frequently taking full control of Angel’s body, transforming it into a duplicate of her own. When Lilith gave full control back to Angel, Angel’s body would transform back to as original state, and Angel’s consciousness then would reawaken, with no memory of Lilith’s actions. Angel O’Hara never learned that she shared her body with Lilith’s spirit, she only knew that she frequently suffered blackouts which sometimes lasted for hours. These were the times that Lilith was in full control

Weary of the British Isles, Lilith induced Angel to move to New York City’s Greenwich Village, where Angel came to live happily with a young writer named Martin Gold. Lilith eventually tired of having to share her existence with another person, however, and sought out Viktor Benzel, a gypsy who was the descendant of Gretchin and the heir to much of her occult knowledge. Benzel performed mystical ceremonies which resulted in Angel and Lilith each possessing a separate body of her own. Angel returned home under a spell that prevented her from having any memory of Lilith or the rituals. Lilith departed for Castle Dracula to have a final showdown with her father.

After a fierce battle, Dracula finally bared his chest to Lilith and dared her to plunge a stake through his heart. Lilith, to her own astonishment, found that she could not. Dracula taunted her by saying that Gretchin’s spell had decreed that Lilith would be his nemesis until he was destroyed, and that she could not be his eternal adversary unless Gretchin had made her incapable of actually destroying him. Lilith refused to accept Dracula’s reasoning. It remains unclear whether Dracula or Lilith was correct.

Apparently Lilith lost track of Dracula after this encounter. Although she still longed to destroy him if she ever located him again, she also began to travel to enjoy her new-found independent existence. In a private joke she adopted the surname “Drake,” the last name of Dracula’s descendant and nemesis Frank Drake, for legal purposes. She finally settled in a villa in the south of France, where she achieved a certain inner peace. She was there when the Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Strange and various allies cast a spell utilizing the so-called Montessi Formula from the mystic tome Darkhold, which destroyed all vampires throughout the world.

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