Lila Cheney

Identity: Lila Cheney

Fighting Good
Agility Excellent
Strength Typical
Endurance Remarkable
Reason Excellent
Intuition Good
Psyche Typical

Health 66
Karma 36
Resources Remarkable
Popularity 55

Teleportation: Lila has the ability to teleport vast distances. She can only teleport interstellar distances. She must teleport to areas she has been before. When she teleports she takes everyone in the same area that she is in with her. Lila usually uses her Dyson Sphere as a “relay point” when teleporting from one spot to another on a single planet.

Dyson Sphere: Lila’s home, located in deep space at least several light years from Earth, is a Dyson Sphere, a star totally enclosed by a construct of unknown origin that is 200 million miles in diameter. The inner side of the sphere, facing the star is covered by a huge, ancientand apparently abandoned cityworld, which Lila uses as her home base. There are a number of hi-tech devices in the sphere, which she has discovered how to operate through trial and error. In fact, Lila has explored less than .001% of the total surface area of the sphere.


Performer (Singing and Instrumental music). She is also a thief


Lila has a number of contacts in the music industry, Sam Guthrie, New Mutants, X-Force


Little is known about the early life of Lila Cheney. She is a mutant born on Earth, but she was sold into interstellar slavery at a young age.

Cheney eventually escaped her captivity, perhaps due to the manifestation of her mutant powers, and later traveled to a number of various alien locations, gaining notoriety as an intergalactic theif. It was during this time that she discovered a Dyson sphere in deep space and made it her base. Often returning to Earth, Cheney set herself up as a rock star there. Presumably, at some point during this time she hired the mutant Guido as her bodyguard.

Blaming Earth as a whole for her early slavery, she later proceeded to attempt to sell Earth to an alien race. This led to an encounter with the mutant-hero-team-in-training, the New Mutants. During this adventure, Cheney and the New Mutant’s leader, Cannonball, developed a crush on each other. Subsequently, Cheney and the New Mutants began a long and favorable acquaintance with one another.

Cheney later was drove into bankruptcy by the alien slave trader, Spyder, who had originally arranged for her sale as a slave. With the help of the New Mutants and Spyder’s former slave Gossamyr, Cheney was rescued. However, in doing so, males of Gossamyr’s species, huge and berserk monsters, were released, and Cheney apparently sacrificed herself to teleport them into a nearby sun.

It is presumed that Cheney had teleported to that location before and thus survived. Indeed, Cheney reappeared as a rock star/thief, and stumbled across the plot of the alien Skrulls to take over the Shi’ar empire by impersonating the queen Lilandra and her consort, the Earth mutant teacher, Professor Xavier. Cheney teleported Xavier’s students and proteges, the hero team of X-men, to the Shi’ar homeworld and help restore the empire.

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