Dr Edward Lansky

Fighting Typical
Agility Good
Strength Typical
Endurance Good
Reason Excellent
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Typical

Health 32
Karma 46
Resources Good
Popularity 0


Flight: Lightmaster is able to attain Excellent air speeds.
Light Powers: Lightmaster gains control over visible light through the power of the suit. He has the following powers:
Blind: Amazing intensity flash
Create Objexts: create object of Remarkable material strength. Capable of Remarkable force damage 5 areas away.
Solid Light Fists: By solidifying light around his fists he can inflict remarkable blunt damage.
Light Cage: Ensnaring attack of Remarkable intensity and rolled on the grsappling column.
Energy Absorption: The suit can absorb 100 points of electrical or light energy. Should the suit absorb more the wearer must make and Endurance FEAT or be transformed into living light energy.


Physics, Optics




Edward Lansky, vice-chancellor of Empire State University, concocted a criminal plot against the New York City government to prevent budget cuts for higher education which would have harmed E.S.U. Lansky used his scientific knowledge and the university’s laboratory facilities to design a special bodysuit capable of harnessing the power of light. Calling himself Lightmaster, he enlisted the villains Kraven the Hunter and the Tarantula to kidnap three city government officials. The plan was thwarted by the hero Spider-Man, who was enrolled at E.S.U.’s graduate school in his civilian identity as Peter Parker. Spider-Man defeated Lansky by running a current of electricity through him in an attempt to short-circuit his bodysuit. Instead, it interacted with the experimental components of his suit to transform Lightmaster into a being of unstable energy.

Weeks after the accident, Lightmaster’s energy-mass began to dissipate into the surrounding atmosphere. Forced into surrounding himself with light at all times merely to stay alive, he sought revenge against Spider-Man. In battle at his headquarters, a converted warehouse for a defunct manufacturer of light-display signs, Lightmaster accidentally overloaded New York’s power system, causing a brief blackout. With Manhattan plunged into darkness, Lightmaster’s bodily substance dissipated, banishing his essence into what he terms a “light dimension.”

He escaped this state twice, however, by gathering enough psychic strength to harness a powerful light source in the physical world. The first source was the mutant Dazzler, who had the ability to convert sound into light. Dazzler was able to drive the now berserk villain back to non-physical existence with Spider-Man’s aid. The second source was the alien energy bands worn by the hero Quasar. Taking over Quasar’s body through the bands, Lightmaster designed and built equipment to reverse the accident that transformed him into light. Despite the interference of Quasar and Spider-Man, he succeeded in turning himself back into a normal man with no superhuman powers.

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