Identity: Heather Cameron

Fighting Good
Agility Excellent
Strength Typical
Endurance Excellent
Reason Good
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Excellent

Health 56
Karma 50
Resources Typical
Popularity 0

Danger Sense: Heather subconsciously detects any danger with Incredible ability and if a “threat” is detected create a suitable “Nemesis”.
Nemesis: Heather possesses the mutant ability to spontaneously manifest any power capable of countering an adversary or situation. Heather can create more that one power at a time, however it takes one full turn to manifest and function at Incredible rank. Some powers she has displayed to date include:

Body Coating: Her skin transforms into a golden metal that provides her Incredible protection from physical and energy damages.
Create Wings: Providing her with Excellent flight capablities
Increase Strength: Increase Strength to Incredible
Body Adaptation: Survive in hostile environment. This power counters suddenly hostile environments AND also covers troublesome situations (like creating wings when falling).
Multiple Arms: She has manifested extra arms


First Aid




Heather Cameron grew up in Australia with her younger brother, Davis, sheltered from their father’s underworld activities. Heather from an early age wanted to help people, soon as she was old enough, Heather joined the lifeguard agency in Sydney. She was eventually posted to Sufur’s Paradise where her brother, Davis was constantly catching waves.

Heather was hiding a secret from her brother and friends that she was really a mutant with the power to adapt to any situation when a person needed to saved, Davis eventually learned about his sister’s secret, but he loved her and wasn’t about to outst her mutant powers. That all changed when the M-Men team sought out Heather and Davis when their father, Miles Warbeck had been murdered. The two didn’t really take any emotion to the news, since they were never close with their father and he wasn’t there for them growing up. Shortly after receiving word about their dad, a shark attacked Davis on Surfur’s Paradise, Thunderbird dived in and stopped the shark and Heather’s mutant powers were exposed to the team. Heather wasn’t proud of being a mutant but she used her powers to help anyone who needed it and that came in handy when Heather and Davis were targeted by rival underworld hitmen, Heather’s powers kicked in and turned her skin into a golden metal that protected her friends and the rest of the X-Men team fought off the hitmen.

Deciding to get to the bottom of her father’s death, Heather named herself, Lifeguard and joined the X-men to find out who was trying to kill them. They soon discovered that the X-men’s old enemies, Sebastion Shaw and Lady Mastermind were behind everything. Shaw had been killing off several under world crime bosses and intended to reclaim Sage back into his employment. Sage was attacked by Lady Mastermind’s mind illusions causing her to go catatonic. Lifeguard then went to Sage’s aid and her powers allowed Heather to go inside Sage’s mind and battle with Lady Mastermind, eventually Sage used Lifeguard’s power to free herself and the two defeated Lady Mastermind, but Shaw got away. Trying to understand her path in life, Lifeguard and her brother, Davis have join the X-Men team in helping them seek out the rest of Destiney’s diaries, though her ultimate fate is as of yet unknown.

During an alien invasion Lifeguard’s powers began to inexplicably transform her into a bird-like humanoid, which was recognized by the invaders as the form of a Shi’ar Royal. This led her teammates to believe that Heather’s mother may have been a Shi’ar. This remains to be confirmed.

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