Identity: Unknown

Fighting Feeble
Agility Typical
Strength Poor
Endurance Excellent
Reason Typical
Intuition Typical
Psyche Poor

Health 32
Karma 16
Resources Feeble
Popularity 0

Power Leech: Leech can prevent the use of all natural super powers within 1 area of his location at Class 1000 ability. Dampened powers are returned to normal once the character is more than 2 areas away from Leech. This power has no effect on technological powers, talents or natural skills.




X-Men, Fantastic Four, Frankln Richards. Tana Nile, Morlocks, X-Factor, X-Terminators, Generation X, Daydreamers


Little is known of the origin of the mutant known as Leech. He was presumably abandoned by human parents and discovered by the mutant known as Caliban. Caliban took the young Leech with him into the network of tunnels known as the “Alley” running beneath Manhattan which housed the mutant outcasts called Morlocks. There he lived a lonely unhappy existence until the empathetic Annalee adopted him after her own children were shot dead by the Marauder assassin called Scalphunter.

Leech experienced a short-lived happiness as the foster son of Annalee until the enigmatic figure called Mister Sinister sent the Marauders to wipe out the Morlock community. Although the Marauders were opposed during the so-called “mutant massacre” by various super heroes, Annalee was slain in the melee. Leech, however, was saved by his friends in Power Pack and by the members of X-Factor. X-Factor was searching for their autistic trainee, Artie Maddicks, whose appearance was similar to Leech’s own.

Maddicks and Leech became fast friends and X-Factor adopted Leech and began to train him in the use of his power. For a while, Leech and Artie were enrolled at the St. Simon Boarding School, during which time they worked with six other mutants trained by X-Factor calling themselves the X-Terminators, but were kidnapped by demons during the Inferno crisis.

Recently, Leech and Artie Maddicks have been in training with the new mutant team called Generation X

During a brief time that Franklin Richards was at the Massachusetts Academy, Artie, Leech, and Franklin joined Howard the Duck and the being called Man-Thing on a dimension-hopping adventure to save the multiverse.

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