Lady Lark

Lady Lark
Identity: Linda Lewis

Fighting Good
Agility Excellent
Strength Typical
Endurance Good
Reason Typical
Intuition Typical
Psyche Good

Health 46
Karma 22
Resources Unearthly
Popularity 40

Sonic Emmision: Artificial vocal cords give the following abilities:

Loudspeaker: Project her voice up to 4 areas
Deafening attacks: Remarkable intensity
Disruption: attack of Incredible rank
Vertigo: Inflict Remarkable intensity vertigo on victims. Must make an Endurance FEAT, success means they fight at -2CS for 1-10 rounds. Failure indicates unconsciousness for 11-20 turns.


Although no longer able to sing Lady Lark is a trained singer and performer


Squadron Supreme


Linda Lewis was a pop music vocalist whose career ended when an accident severed her vocal cords; subsequent experimental surgery by Doctor Anton Decibel restored Lewis’s voice, but she was still unable to sing since her reconstructed vocal cords were superhumanly powerful and could injure listeners if she raised her voice above a normal speaking tone. Using her new abilities as the costumed crimefighter Lady Lark, Lewis was invited to join the Squadron Supreme and became the team’s fourth recruit. She had a lengthy romance with teammate Golden Archer (previously known as Hawkeye [II]), but the two grew apart over the years and she refused his proposal of marriage shortly after the Squadron embarked on its “Utopia Program”. The desperate Golden Archer then used the Squadron’s behavior modification machine (a device the Squadron used to brainwash criminals into reforming) to brainwash Lady Lark into blindly adoring him, but the Squadron expelled him in disgrace after learning what he’d done. Lady Lark, still madly in love with the archer, quit the Squadron to pursue him but returned to the group after he’d died in battle with the Squadron as Black Archer, a member of Nighthawk’s Redeemers; ironically, the same battle also claimed the life of Lady Lark’s close friend and Squadron teammate Blue Eagle, who had been the archer’s rival for Lark’s affections prior to Lark’s brainwashing. Not knowing that Blue Eagle himself had killed the turncoat Black Archer, Lark adopted the late Blue Eagle’s wings and rejoined the Squadron as Skylark. She remains an active Squadron member today, and was among the Squadron members recently stranded on “mainstream” Earth.

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