Lady Deathstrike

Lady Deathstrike
Yuriko Darkwind

Fighting Incredible
Agility Excellent
Strength Remarkable
Endurance Remarkable
Reason Typical
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Excellent

Health 100
Karma 46
Resources Excellent
Popularity -10


Cyborg Body: Lady Deathstrike’s body has been replaced by cybernetic parts and her skeleton has been artificially laced with molecules of Adamantium, rendering her bones virtually indestructible. She possesses bionic limbs and senses, telescoping arms, and lethal claws, among other enhancements. Her skeleton also acts as a form of Body Armor, providing the following protection:
Excellent protection from physical attacks
Good protection from Edged and Energy attacks.
Blunt attacks with punches, kicks, and Charging recieve +1CS to Strength.
Remarkable protection from Blunt and Force attacks.
Bones are Unearthly Material Strength for cutting or severing.
Enhanced Senses: Cybernetic implants enhance her natural senses providing the following abilities:
Thermal Vision: Remarkable
Telescopic Vision: Feeble
Enhanced Hearing: Incredible
Claws: Each finger of each hand is replaced with adamantium-laced cybernetic claws which can telescope to 2ft. These claws are made of Unearthly material strength capable of inflicting up to Incredible edged damage.
Communication with Cybernetics: Yuriko can interface with computers, allowing direct data access to her brain’s memory centers with Incredible ability.


Prior to her transformation Yuriko carried a five-foot electromagnetically tempered steel katana, Shuriken (throwing stars), nunchakus, and a high-powered long-range blaster that fired armor-piercing explosive bullets.


Bi-Lingual: English and Japanse, Pilot, Martial Arts A, B, E, Oriental Weapons


Reavers, Spiral, Reavers, Reverend Stryker


Lady Deathstrike is one of Wolverine’s deadliest enemies, the daughter of the man said to have invented the adamantium-bone bonding process. When she teamed up with DareDevil to fight her father, Japanese crime lord Dark Wind (Kenji Oyama), Yuriko killed her father to free her lover Kiro from Oyama’s servitude. The devoted Kiro, however, chose suicide over a life without Dark Wind.

Distraught, Yuriko belatedly embraced her father’s ideals and determined to track down whomever dishonored him, starting with the person who absconded with Dark Wing’s adamantium-to-bone bonding process.

Expecting to be led to the assassin Bullseye, Yuriko instead found herself confronted with Wolverine. When her sword was shattered in her first outing as Lady Deathstrike, Yuriko gave herself over to the ministrations of Spiral’s Body Shop, undergoing the alien metamorphic process that would turn her into a cybernetic organism with unbreakable claws and bones.

Later Donald Pierce would use his cybernetic talents and enhance the changes that Spiral had created and for much of her career afterwards she operated with Pierce’s Reavers. Numerous confrontations with Wolverine, with and without the Reavers, ended in some out-and-out defeats and many draws.

Deathstrike was later attacked and severely wounded by Sentinels. She fled to the X-Men, who agreed to help her, if not trust her. They ended up being captured by Stryfe, who revealed that Deathstrike’s maker was the same as the designer of the Prime Sentinels. Stryfe needed the command codes in Deathstrike’s system in order to fully activate the Primes. The X-Men managed to defeat Stryfe, however, and Deathstrike seemed to have learned something about how to release her vengeance during the encounter.

This event raised certain questions about Deathstrike, who was said to have an adamantium skeleton and to have been built by a human, not by Spiral. The truth about these revelations in unknown. Whether Deathstrike has truly changed is also unknown, although it should be noted that Lady Deathstrike is bound by a code of honor.

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