Identity: Colin McKay

Fighting Incredible
Agility Remarkable
Strength Excellent
Endurance Remarkable
Reason Typical
Intuition Excellent
Psyche Remarkable

Health 120
Karma 56
Resources Typical
Popularity 5

Bestial Appearance: Kylun’s mutant physiology grants him catlike eyes that allow him Night Vision and a full body covering of light brown fur that provides a Poor Resistance to Cold.
Sound Duplication: Kylun has the Amazing rank mutant power to duplicate any sound he hears. He apparently cannot change the tone, pitch, or volume of the stimulus, simply reproducing sounds exactly as he hears them. There is no audible difference between the actual sounds and those Kylun produces, so voice scans do not detect any abnormalities.

Swords of ZZ’Ria: Kylun’s magical swords are indigenous to Earth 148, known to its natives as Ee’Rath, and are rare and wondrous artifacts bestowed on this gifted warrior. The two swords are made of an unknown metal but have Unearthly material strength due to their enchantments. Created by one of Ee’Rath’s greatest sorcerers, the two swords can cut through anything but those creatures who are pure of heart. In Kylun’s hands, the swords each deal out 25 points of Edged Attacks damage to all inanimate items or evil beings. In addition, the swords have the power to cut through and disrupt any energy barriers (especially magical energy) of less than Unearthly strength. Kylun’s swords, when not in use, are magically held in place on the back of his costume. Kylun can make 1 additional attack or parry because of his 2-weapon fighting style.
Dagger: Kylun also carries a wide-bladed enchanted dagger for use as a missile weapon (range of two areas) that inflicts 15 points of Edged damage to its target; it has an innate Resistance to Magic of Excellent rank.


Weapon Specialist with the Swords of ZZ’Ria. Martial Arts D & E, Thrown Weapons, Resist Domination


Netherworlders, Excalibur


As a child, Colin was persued by the woman crime lord, the Vixen, for unknown purposes. Chased into an abandoned construction project, Colin met the recently created Widget, who saved his “Colinfriend” by transporting him to the alternate reality of Ee’rath. There, the natives saw Colin’s arrival as a good omen, and he was trained by the finest warriors and wizards to fight the evil arch-mage Necrom. He grew into an adult and a great warrior, and was betrothed to his long-time love, the beautiful witch-queen Santeen. Unfortunately, in final battle with Necrom, the evil wizard slew his love just before escape to our reality.

Kylun (the Ee’rathian translation of his name) following his nemesis to our Earth, arriving in Excalibur’s water closet (bathroom) only several months after his depature due to the relative nature of time to native realities. Kylun joined Excalibur in fighting Necrom, who soon gained the abilities of the Anti-Pheonix in his bid to rule all the Omniverse. Kylun remained with the team for several adventures following the defeat of Necrom, but shortly left them to rejoin his parents.

Just before meeting his parents, Kylun was attacted by the Warpie team, the Seraphim, and brought to the Cloud Nine research facility, where he found the rest of Excalibur experiencing similar circumstances. Together, they brought Nigel Smythe to justice, only to be contacted by the recently revived Rachel Summers as the Pheonix. Kylun helped Excalibur in their time-travelling mission to rid Rachel Summer’s alternate future of the Sentinels once and for all.

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